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Tez Locke @ The Blarney Stone

I had heard Tez Locke when Michael called me and said come listen to this performer. So I hopped over to The Blarney Stone, where Tez Locke was singing. I was hooked on his performance right from the start but was short on time, so made a promise to myself to come back and do a Write up for Toggle for Music.

As I walked in I was warmly greeted by Blarney Stone's friendly hostesses Amyra and Juliette. Juliette chatted privately to me letting me know a little more about The Blarney Stone and its owners Tay Atheria and Jane Mercury. The Blarney Stone Venue is styled on a traditional red brick club with a relaxing feel as soon as you walk in with comfy chairs tucked in the corners, centered around a great bar. I settled on a bar stool sipping my drink looking forward to what I knew would be a great hour of music.

Tez locke was into his song,' Me & Julio Down by The School Yard' and immediately I was dancing in my mind. This was followed by great classics;


Free Fallin

Rock Me Mama

I Won't Back Down

Can't Get No Satisfaction

Tez is a singer /songwriter based in the UK, having performed all his life with bands, in Duos and Solo. He showcases all his songs on Spotify, to a high professional standard. Tez sings many classics and a few originals. He had me chair dancing, loving all his music

To use Tez's own words ' '. I am old school so I like songs that deliver a strong melody, good harmonies, and ballsy rock! ' ~~ This is exactly what Tez does, he entertains you with great Music delivered with style in a gritty rock voice.

Tez has recently come into the Secondlife Music Scene and we are truly lucky to have such an amazing talent. Look for Tez Locke when you want an hour of terrific music.

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