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Thera D @ Surfside Hideaway 28/02/21

When a friend offered me a tp to see a “good” singer I have to admit I was a little dubious. I have seen and heard many performers in Second Life and the experience is not always a good one! It is, however, always exciting to see what awaits you in the end.
I arrived at a very busy Surfside Hideaway, and my first thought was, ok this singer already seems to have a large fan base and after the first few notes I knew why!
On the stage stood a fantastic looking Thera D. with a hairstyle that I envy, but that's not part of the story. ;)
Throughout the event Thera was incredibly friendly and warm to all visitors and arriving guests -  she knew how to involve her audience and exuded such a natural aura that I thought, how can it be that I haven’t  heard of this popular performer before now?
Thera has a firm, resonant but at the same time gentle voice that lets her sing the most varied of genres with such a naturalness that you can truly hear the professionalism shining through.
I always look at the artist's song lists and I was really impressed with Thera's repertoire. From Al Jarreau and Amy Winehouse to Norah Jones and Eric Clapton to Tracy Chapman and Sade, unbelievable!I didn't want to make it so easy for her and I requested “The sweetest taboo” from Shade.A lot can go wrong with this song. But she sang it to melt away gently and with the feeling offered by the song. It was just wonderful to listen to.
I became a fan of Thera D yesterday and I can truly recommend anyone to attend her concerts, a real pleasure for the ears and senses!
**translated from German**

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