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Tillen Avers @ Crabby's

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Today, I am so jazzed about going to hear Tillen Avers sing again, this time at Crabby's. Tillen Avers is a native of Russia who has been singing since she was a child. She sang in a children's choir. While singing with the ensemble, they performed at the Kremlin.

One of the reasons I enjoy coming to her live performances is that Tillen is one of those live performers who feel the emotions of every song's lyrics and music. If you knew no Russian and she sang her entire show in Russian, you would not doubt the meaning of its lyrics! Tillen is known for being a perfectionist in her singing and musical career in both worlds. She is constantly raising the bar for herself ~ pushing the outside of her music performance envelope striving for the next expansion of her performance and voice!

Drems and Rocker are the owners of Crabby's. They have been fans and supporters of live music in SL for many years now. Distinguished in his own right, Rocker is a performer in both worlds. Initially, Rocker wanted a platform to perform at, which is why Crabby's came to be. Together they decided to open their live music venue almost two years ago. Crabby's name and the venue itself were a nod towards their two home states, Maryland and Florida. Drems runs Crabby's for the most part, and Rocker books some of their favorite live performers. I have always enjoyed coming to live shows here at Crabby's, not only because of the friendliness of Rocker and Drems and their staff but the wide variety of live performers they welcome to their venue. On this visit, I am again warmly welcomed to the venue by Drems and Rocker. While visiting Crabby's, I envision myself on a lounger dipping crab into some melted butter, drinking beer, or sipping on some festive adult beverages while listening to Tillen Avers or any of the other talented live performers they have. Today though, I need to finish any pre-show lounging along with those festive adult beverages before Tillen takes the stage to perform. Since I know full well that I nor anyone can be lazily lounging once she begins! Once she does, it is time to MOVE!

Tillen begins this show with a Russian song, Around The World, a cover of the Russian band Hands Up! WOW! She is crushing this song! Her voice is strong, solid, and hard-hitting! Then comes Skyfall, the Adele cover sung in her hauntingly clear and smooth voice, bringing goosebumps all over! When Tillen goes to her next song, Tina Turner's cover of Simply The Best, you can hear the conviction in her voice that indeed you/he is simply the best! Tillen thanks her public before singing a series of requests from the audience. The first request she honors is Ozzy Osbourne's Mr. Crowley which she sings with such excellence! Tillen, you did Ozzy Osbourne proud on this performance! Tillen continued to fill the air with her marvelous and melodious voice by singing several more favorites of mine, the Cardigans My Favourite Game and Godsmack's I Stand Alone.

Then when she sings her emotional rendition of the Scorpion's cover, White Dove, I am covered by double goosebumps all over me! Tillen then sings Doro Pesch's Long Way Home and Anastacia's Left Outside Alone. Then she sings for us Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, which she performs to perfection! Marilyn Manson's Tainted Love is next up. Then Tillen powerfully finishes with Gorky Park's Ой то не вечер (Oh, It's Yet Not Evening). At the end of her show, I began looking for my pixelated lighter so that she would continue for another hour! I was truly let down that her performance would not continue for another hour!

The musical delivery of each song that she sang, along with the lyrics' conviction and emotion, is a treat for all who attend this incredible live music performer's shows! Tillen Avers is the kind of SL Live Performer that demands your attention from the very first note to the very last that she sings! The magnitude and the power of Tillen will keep you enthralled with her performance through its entirety. So when you come to one of her shows, be advised that Tillen will hold you spellbound by every nuance of a note and by the dynamic delivery of each song she performs! Tillen Avers puts the "L" in Live and the "P" in Performer! You are a "Goosebump Queen!" Rock on, Tillen!


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