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Todd Rumsford @ Snowy River Saloon 4/22/2023

I believe that most people in second life and first life are basically good people, honest, kind, compassionate, and generous. Once again, my beliefs rang true on Saturday evening at the Snowy River Saloon. It was the sixth annual Cure Chasers/Relay For Life Event, Carnival of Hope organized by owners DJ Morph (morpheus469 and DJ ROX (roxanne.helix). Creating a carnival atmosphere with their venue by adding a circus tent, amusement rides, hot air balloons, popcorn stands, a Ferris Wheel, etc., plus an awesome lineup of fantastic SL singing/musician stars, Morph and Rox were able to attract many people to help donate to their worthy cause of fighting cancer.

I had the honor and utmost pleasure of attending the event while Todd Rumsford was performing, and what an amazing singer and man he is. Todd vocalized he has a “bone to pick” with cancer because he lost his beloved parents and some friends to this devastating illness and is willing to participate in any event in any manner he can to help contribute to the cure. And of course, singing is his specialty.

Looking at Todd’s song list, I see he is a singer of many genres: pop, rock, jazz, and of course my favorite genre country. Good thing I wore my boots because I was ready to do some boot scootin’ with the many Avis on the dance floor.

Todd began his set with “Baby I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney. And what an appropriate song with all the amazing love flowing with donations being made to fight this horrible disease. Todd really turned Rocker with his next song by Led Zeppelin, “Going to California”, and then sang a song that brought back memories of my childhood, Sugar Sugar by the Archies. I’m sure Todd was thinking of Natalie, his partner (and another beautiful SL singer), when he sang this sweet song because she is the sweetest and loves his candy girl immensely. LoL

Next, my excitement grew even more!! Country time!! Big smiles! Todd showcased that smooth buttery vocal singing Sangria - Blake Shelton, Tennessee Whiskey - Chris Stapleton, If Tomorrow Never Comes - Garth Brooks, and I’ll Go to My Grave Loving You - Statler Brothers. His diction was crystal clear and tied in with that cool southern accent. Singing from his heart with strong emotion and that song storytelling ability, Todd gave me a satisfying feeling of comfort.

I asked Todd to sing one of his favorite songs that he enjoys singing and he chose “I Want To Know What Love Is” by Foreigner. I love this song too and asked him why he chose that one. He said he likes Foreigner songs because “they are one of my favorite bands but also, they are tough to sing. I love the contrast of low and high notes on the song.” I didn’t get the sense that this song was challenging for him because he sang it beautifully and flawlessly. He has a dream of being a Lou Gramm (lead singer of Foreigner) and I’d say his dream is close to reality.

Todd Rumford’s final songs were “Troubadour” by George Strait and “Help Pour Out the Rain” by Buddy Jewel. “Help Me Pour Out the Rain” is a touching song of a child discussing with her daddy what it’s like to be in heaven during a car ride. “Daddy, when we get to heaven can I taste the milky way? Are we going to visit or are we going there to stay? Am I gonna see Grandpa? Can I have a pair of wings? And do you think that God could use another angel to help pour out the rain?” I love how sweet and innocent children are and wish they could stay that way forever. Jewel’s personal feelings on heaven sung within his song are ”Can’t wait to see my family and meet Jesus face to face.” I have the same sentiment – I look forward to meeting Jesus, and I have family and friends who were believers who have passed (some with cancer) and can only imagine them in my arms again. John 14:6

Thanks to Todd Rumford, DJ Morph, DJ Rox, and all those who attended the charity event and donated to help fight cancer.

Fantastic evening!


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