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Toxic Darkmatter @ Feed A Smile Crystal Cove

As a proud supporter of the wonderful Feed a Smile charity I had looked forward immensely to the 2 day event at Crystal Cove, and spent lots of time there taking in the massive array of talent on display there. One of the performers I was keenly anticipating was Toxic Darkmatter. I hadn't been to a Toxie gig since my return to Second Life, and on this occasion I was accompanied by my old friend Stormy, who proceeded to inform me up front that she wasn't a huge Toxie fan!

The set itself got off to a bad start when Toxie (through no fault of her own) revealed that her SL wasn't working as it should, and she wouldn't be able to get her pixels onto the stage, but would go ahead on audio only. So far so bad ...

Then finally the show started,

What happened over the following hour was one of those unforgettable Second Life experiences that we get just once in a while. I was expecting Toxie to be good. She was better than good. She was f*cking brilliant..

From the opening number (her acoustic version of Bob Marley's I Wanna Love You right through to her final rendition of Wild Cherry's Play That Funky Music Toxie powered her way through a high octane set with a style and professionalism that you get from only the very best, covering greats such as Madonna and Beth Hart (my favourite) with consummate ease. Wave upon wave of wonderful vocal alchemy - this was live music at its finest!

And then it was over. All too quickly.

She hadn't managed to get into SL - the stage had been empty - but really - so what ??

And as for my friend Stormy? She is now the latest member of the Toxic Darkmatter fan club!

Wonderful Charity, Wonderful Venue, Wonderful Performance. What a night!

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