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TwingGhost @ Panorama Music and Arts

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

The other day, when I was hopping sleepless from venue to venue late at night to hear something new musically, I came across TwinGhost. This sound and the voice I heard there were indeed completely new to me. I knew immediately that I had come across something very special here and unfortunately it took a little longer due to the different time zones until I finally found him again to be able to enjoy his show from the start.

Like the first time, the Panorama Music and Arts venue, owned by the lovely Samantha, was his stage! Samantha told me about her personal enthusiasm for TwinGhost and that it has been an incredible 12 years! sings on her stage. Such a long cooperation in SL is really extraordinary and speaks for itself.

TwinGhost is a singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, an "acoustic soul musician" who has released many albums and can also be seen live on stages at RL on a regular basis.

A man and his guitar is all we see on stage but as soon as he starts his music you can immediately feel his own style and spirit. Whether it's his extraordinary voice with a high recognition value, his large and wonderful song list, the lyrics of his original songs that reflect so much about him as a person, or his very personal groove and the professionalism of his music. Everything happens live and without tracks.

Not only does he know how to make music, because he is a full professional, you can also feel his indispensable love for music, his naturalness which makes it so authentic and above all that it comes from the heart.

An excerpt of his songs from that show were:

Ace - How Long

Daryl Hall & John Oates - I Can't Go For That

Bob Dylan - One more cup of coffee

Warren Zevon - Spendid Isolation

Original - Closer to the light

Original - Pieces of my life

Original - Keep The Lights On

Bill Withers - Just The Two Of Us

His creativity in changing the lyrics for the guests or current events during the songs gives him and above all the listeners a lot of joy and brings them closer. His grandiose guitar playing sounds wonderful and harmonises perfectly with his strong and soulful voice. His preference for soul music can also be heard in the cover versions, he manages to sing all these songs in his own style and makes them all his own songs. He comes across as very authentic and stays true to himself. This is something many musicians aspire to and for my taste the Twin delivers 100%.

When he said at the end of his show that music is the medicine for the soul and that it is positivity, peace and love for everyone, I could wholeheartedly say yes. That's it! It felt so good to listen to him and his art for an hour and to forget everything around. A treat for ears and soul, which made this concert one of my highlights in SL. Thank you TwinGhost for bringing your music to us and enriching us all.

**translated from German**

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