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Ugly Bill @ Ashley's Oasis Elite Opening

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Coming into Asley's Oasis I'm warmly greeted by Ashley, the owner .and the venue hostess Farien. This is Ashley's opening night with LIVE singers. Ugly Bill is the first of three performers in today's set.

The venue has a magical mystical atmosphere set in a meadow of flowers and pine trees, surrounded by ancient ruins. The dance floor is time-worn stones with a bed of twinkling stars. The world is set at Sunrise with the sun casting long shadows on the ground. If you look hard enough, you can see a robed shadowy figure hiding behind the ruins.

Ugly Bill is about to take the stage with his opening song.' Candy', I'd never heard this before and as always, my curiosity was piqued and I, later, listened to more versions of this song. It's a great tune with quirky words of love.

Along came ' Bad Company's - Feel Like Makin Love'. One of my Favorite rock tunes, I loved the way UglyBill gave it that kick in the song just before the words 'Feel Like Makin Love ' and the whole song goes up to another level. You punch the air and shout YES!! You can't resist singing along, Love it:))

When I write about any artist and their songs, I always listen again and again the next day. It's like a music fest for me and some tunes I play over and over, Uglybill's music is my kind of Rock music.

Bill is from Scotland with a terrific accent:) He has a wicked, unique sense of humor, chatting and sharing funny stories in between songs, making sure he says Hello to everyone who came into the Venue, and never missing any local chat

Behind the cheeky humor (much of it at himself ) and also behind the quirky name is a very, very serious and talented musician, highly skilled with a kind of roughness in his voice, perfectly in tune. He is very at ease with himself and this comes across in his shows, honest and down to earth. He knows exactly the tunes that suit him, this is something I respect in a musician. Plus he plays a phenomenal acoustic guitar.

More tunes included in UglyBill's concert were 'Crowded House- Fall At Your Feet,

'Sugarcult - Memory

'John Mayer - Gravity

'Kellie Loder - Fearless

'The Avett Bros - Live and Die

Ashley's Oasis is a great place to visit with many walks, hidden caves, and plenty of cuddle places. There's always something happening, Open Mic and games, voice is often on, You will be sure of a warm welcome from Ashley and her partner, Jonny Bellows.

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