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UglyBill & Hojo Warf - Dual Stream

What an amazing pair of gentlemen! Ugly Bill is the accomplished guitar player and Hojo Warf plays the violin and man-oh-man can he make it sing! Both bring a unique sound to everything these two dynamic entertainers sing! Bill is the lead singer, with Hojo's vocals harmonizing.

As I was listening, the venue "Streaming Falls" started filling up, and I know why! These two compliment each other so well. I loved the song "Oh Baby, Oh What a Crying Shame", they were playing with confidence and vocally had a really great tone! "Cowboy Blues" was another song they played, and the start reminded me of ...I believe it was the start of the Pink Panther. (I'll have to ask Bill about it.) Their Irish folk music wafts across the air, and your heart just wants to go to Ireland, and do a jig. So much fun and delight, to hear these two, I invite you to go to their show.

Streaming Falls What a lovely place, and the pool looked very inviting. Where else can you go an sit in a pool and hear awesome music? You are welcome to dance along with Dustyrose, (she's the manager), or move to a float and dance or cuddle. So if you go - wear your swimming suit, the shows on Wednesday were at 4 pm - Ugly Bill and Hojo, 5pm and 6 pm slt.

See You Around the Grid. ~ Jade ♥

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