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Wes West Sings Live @ Café Kismet 2/24/2023

Here we are at the end of February, and I’m a little sad to see this month’s end. No, I don’t like the cold weather we’ve been having, but February has Valentine’s Day and is a month filled with love. Feeling a bit of insomnia last evening, I decided to enter SL and check out music events. And, oh my goodness, my good friend Wes West was singing at Café Kismet. How can I describe Café Kismet? Comfy, cozy, delightful, and quaint are only a few good adjectives that come to mind. Owner Rae Raedonogal has created a satisfyingly pleasant atmosphere with oversized pillows, comfortable chairs and couches, and a stage so close that one feels intimate with the artist. Café Kismet (Bricks in the Walls) opened in September of last year after a breakup Rae had with her partner. She had owned another club with him; but after the breakup, Rae decided to give it a try on her own. Doing so was her destiny: it was fate – which is the meaning of Kismet and what a sweet venue it is!

I met West Wes a couple of years ago after my seven-year hiatus from SL. Before my hiatus, I was a passionate follower of the music scene, so I thought I’d start checking out all the artists I was not familiar with. I became a big fan of Wes instantly. Not only was his music soothing, but his personality was charming and humorous. We had some pretty hysterical and also meaningful conversations in the weeks to follow, and still do today. But what I love most about Wes is his music. He has a soft, poetic style and can take any song and convert it into his own. Wes told me long ago, “I choose songs that I relate to, emotions I have experienced, so when I sing them, I almost feel as if I wrote those songs myself. And being in the bass vocal range, I have to play those songs in my own style.” And I love his style! If I’ve had a stressful day, I can always sit with a glass of wine and listen to Wes knowing my annoyance will totally disappear.

Tonight, Wes wished us all a Happy Friday and said he would be doing some originals, cover songs he has done before, and some we have never heard him do. This was an acoustic guitar night and dam he is good! Wes opened up with “Allison” by Elvis Costello and when he was done, I was wishing my name was Allison! LOL Following was: “All My Love” – Beatles, “When You Say Nothing” – sung by many artists, “Tangled Up In You” – Staind, “Green Tambourine” – Lemon Pipers, “Falling Slowly” – from the movie Once, I’ll Go On Loving You” – Alan Jackson, “Love song” – Elton John, “Get Together” – Youngbloods, “Help Me Make it Through the Night – written by Kris Kristofferson, “Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton, “Magic Carpet Ride” – Steppenwolf, “Momma Told Me Not to Come” – Three Dog Night, “Free Bird” – Lynyrd Skynyrd, and “Harvest Moon” – Neil Young.

Of course, I had to request my favorite song “Faithfully” by Journey. Faithfully became my favorite song because when I first met Wes I asked if he sang that one. He said, “no and I’m not sure it would fit my style and vocal range.” But low and behold, he learned it and made it into his own style, and I love it!! So Faithfully is my standing request always.

Wes West is also a talented songwriter with writing about 50 originals and has had five professionally produced. He sang a couple of them tonight – “Is That What They Call Love” and “Edge Of Love”. He has plans in the making for your ability to download his originals for a pretty good bargain of a price.

Wes is a retired military man and a retired police officer (thank you for your service, Wes). Also developing his singing career outside of SL, Wes is gigging twice a week with his RL band Corner Street Band. I’m so happy for him and proud of his development from the day I first heard him sing in SL until now. I’m attaching Wes’s site for his RL band for you to listen to some of his songs firsthand. Visit the site and enjoy some really good tunes.

Tonight was all about love. The only good thing missing from the evening was dancing with Neo. Thank you, Wes, for the lovely entertainment!! And remember folks if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. 😊 Also, the good Lord says to love your neighbor as yourself. Wouldn’t it be an awesome world if we all loved each other more? Thanks, Wes for spreading the love with your delightful set!!

Hugggssss Trishia

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