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Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Ronnie Mayes and Seamore

First, I know you are thinking who are these people? She is supposed to be blogging musicians in Second Life, and that is right I am supposed to be doing that however right now

it is extremely hard for me to focus on doing my regular blogs for TFM because of the situation in the world. A few months ago, I had asked Michael who owns the blog if we could have a section that updates what musicians that used to sing in Sl are doing now. This is a brief story about two of them that used to sing for me at the Cavern. And as far as the photo above keep reading, I will explain.

Seamore is the one who advised me on the Cavern over ten years ago. He told me the history of it and of course it piqued my interest, and I went ahead and build it. Seamore played for me there along with other British singers.

I brought Ronnie Mayes to the Cavern to sing also, between these two they brought a great British feel to the club.

They are both from the UK however Seamore known in real life as Guy decided to move to Bulgaria. He fell in love with the country and eventually Ronnie Mayes through talks with Seamore moved to the same area that Seamore was living at.

What do you do when you have two musicians from Sl in a new country? Well, you join a real live band called Hinterlands. They perform quite frequently in this new group, and they sure look like they are having a wonderful time there and they draw a big crowd! That is Ronnie and Seamore on the right.

This blog was not intending to go a different direction when I started to write it, but I thought this was important to tell.

Ronnie and his girlfriend have now taken in nine refugees from Ukraine. That is the photo that you see at the beginning of this blog. What a great thing to do and I am so proud that he has done this. They are even looking to locate a Ukrainian couple who escaped from Mariupol to Bulgaria with seven dogs and they heard that they are struggling to find accommodations.

For me music made this all happen. These two great guys played for years in Second Life and they both ended up living close to each other in Bulgaria. It was the music that brought them together in this country. Because of them being reunited in Bulgaria I feel being so close to Ukraine it motivated Ronnie to go out and help these poor people who are desperate for help.

In a roundabout way it only shows you how Music can bring the World together!

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