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Winter @ Lakeside Pavilion 9/03/21

When I came back in January due to the pandemic isolation after a break of several years in SL, one of my first steps was a live music event. A notice of an event brought me to Winter by chance and it was clear to me that some things in the music scene had developed positively here. I immediately became a fan of his and since then I've attended countless of his performances.

Yesterday I went to the Lakeside Pavilion, a stage that is run by two sympathetic friends and who, with a lot of love for detail, have transformed it into an enchanting winter landscape especially for winter's appearance.

As usual, the event was very well attended and you should be there early to get a place.

Sitting in a chair in the spotlight, winter is an absolute phenomenon. That alone is worth a visit; o)

Everyone is greeted with a “Hello my friend” and you feel right at home in the large family of winter fans.

He participates in the entertainment of his fans with amusement and I love his laugh, which comes from the heart.

His song list includes an unbelievable 220 songs! And he has it all! Whether it's the great rock classics, current hit breakers or even the gentle ballads, he always knows how to get right to the point and to pull the audience away. His voice is warm and pure energy, his playing on the Steel String Acoustic sounds bright and direct and all of this reflects the passion for what he does and also the professionalism with which he implements it.

This personable, humorous and down-to-earth man embodies pure rock music for me. Come and visit him, you will spend a great evening with friends with excellent music. Winter rocks !!!

**translated from German**

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