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Wolfie Moonshadow at TAO

I am still here at TAO helping to raise money for children! So, this blog as you can see is about Wolfie Moonshadow!

Of course, he really does not need any introduction, he has been around Second life for over ten years! We are going to have a fun upbeat, full of energy show with Wolfie! This is exactly what TAO needs to get people motivated to donate!

Wolfie starts to talk before his first song, and he is always very engaging with his audience. He puts an excitement in the air that is hard to match! He has a very versatile style, and he really covers about any genre of music you would want.

His first song is "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone. Such a great song and Wolfie puts his own twist to this song. He really belts this song out something fierce!

What can I say about this next song! It is my theme song "Caribbean Queen", from when I lived in the Caribbean. Just another great song choice by Wolfie, love it!

With Wolfie it is just one great song after another! This one is "Bad Habits" by Ed Sheeran. I know I have a few of those Bad Habits!

Did you know that one of the most influential cultural and musical movements of the 1970's and early 1980's was disco music? That is why when Wolfie sings disco it lights up the audience! He sings "Disco Inferno" now by The Trammps. Did you know when they wrote this song it was inspired by a scene in the movie The Towering Inferno. There was a disco on the top of the building that was on fire! Now you know.

Next up is "Land of Confusion" by Genesis, another impressive performance by Wolfie so full of energy.

I cannot believe my eyes! lol It is Winter on stage with Wolfie on fluffy bunnies. That is worth another 1,000 lindens in the pot to see this live!

Wolfie sings Elton John "Something About the Way You Look Tonight", he is so good at switching genres. He keeps your attention when he does that which is an extraordinary talent he has.

I hope I got the next couple of songs correct. I know Spanish good so hopefully I got the names of these songs correct.

The first one is "Corazon Espinado". I am familiar with Santana singing this song but not sure if someone else sang it originally. If you love the Latin beat like I do you will love when Wolfie sings this!

My friend from Toggle for Music and a TAO manager said she will dye her hair orange if we make our goal here today! Good job BB!

Onto to two more great latin songs, "La Bomba" by Ricky Martin, and "A Dios Le Pido" by Juanes. I never heard this last one but I love it. As you can imagine Wolfie has this place rocking by singing latin music!

The final song of the performance is "Unchain My Heart" by Joe Cocker! What a way to close his hour!

Wolfie is a great entertainer and he always provides a great performance with a electrifying voice. This was a great hour of music!

Oh on a final note, BB now has Orange hair!

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