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Wolfie Moonshadow @ Glow

A few days ago, as so often, my path led me to Glow, a relatively new stage in SL run by Panjana Bellisserian , an ambitious German compatriot of mine and managed by one of my dear colleagues from Toggle for Music, Kissi Tulips. I love going there because it's such an amazing venue and the name Glow really fits it perfectly. Wherever you look, it shines and sparkles. A place in a class of its own, not only because of the design, but also because of the sensational musicians who regularly take the stage there.

My destination today was the show by Wolfie Moonshadow, the Brit who lives and works in Gibraltar.

Wolfie, whom I first saw on the TAO stage at Easter last year, has been a regular singer for almost 12 years at up to 10 shows a week in SL. I'm emphasizing this because with the many singers you see come and go in SL this is an incredible achievement and most of all it's a testament to his professionalism, success and love for music which he just has to have all the time to be so high up as a sought-after singer in SL. This fact alone is impressive, but seeing him live on stage is far more impressive.

He is a firework of good mood, he is full of energy and passion for his music and this spark is overflowing because he is so authentic. He delivers every show 200%, he sings full of power with his unbelievably strong good voice, so stable and perfect. Wolfie is a guarantee for every party, he brings so much good mood, humor and fun in life, which infects us viewers and lets us forget all the crap that is happening around us at this hour. Letting go, partying and just enjoying life is what we need right now and Wolfie is giving us all of that.

The songs that got the glow going that night were:

All night long- Lionel Richie

Caribbean Queen - Billy Ocean

Maniac - Michael Sembello

Footloose - Kenny Loggins

Land of confusion - Genesis

Stand by me - Ben E. King

Watermelon sugar - Harry Styles

Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke

A dios le pido - Juanes

La Boma - Ricky Martin

I like the way you move - Body Rockers

Personally, I love it very much when he sings his Spanish songs, which again show his joie de vivre and his incredible sense of rhythm from another side and make me dream a little of the next beach vacation. This friendly, warm-hearted Wolfie may be a pro through and through, but what his loyal fans appreciate most about him is his palpable love of music and what he does, singing! Sounds easy, but that's exactly what makes the difference in this large field of musicians in SL and that in turn makes him a very big and special one here, which I appreciate very much.

If you don't know him yet, you should definitely visit his next concert!

**translated from German**

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