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MichaelJ Rossini

Scarlet's Resorts encompasses many venues and places in SL including LIVE MUSIC, Exploration, Weddings, Places for Meeting and hanging out with friends and much much more.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Scarlet's Ranch
Scarlet's Country Beach

I caught up with owner Scarlet as she prepared for for another big night of live music at this amazing venue ...

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Michael:    Hi Scarlet  - thank you soo much for taking time out to do this interview with Toggle For Music.

Michael:     First up  - Could you tell me something about your backgrounds and how you got involved in the crazy world of Second Life? 

Scarlet:     RL I am an ambitious person I run my own company managing properties mostly apartments for the people that own them.
I had some health issues several years ago and used gaming to give me a focus, eventually a friend in a game called Conan (an open world survival game) asked me to come over and join her as her husband didnt really like SL. The Rest is History. I was hooked and never looked back.

Michael:      In your early SL days did you plan - or even envisage - owning a successful music venue ?

Scarlet:    Absolutely Not

Michael:      So how did it happen?

Scarlet:    Well I was learning SL building and found music in SL. I loved it so besides hanging out at various clubs  I went to work as a hostess at Tennessee Whiskey for a few months and really enjoyed it. I decided I wanted my own place, I knew I wanted it and would get there eventually but I had zero experience at anything like this in SL so I had planned to take my time and work my way into it and then one day I found what I thought was  just the right piece of land and made the jump with almost no experience but I was determined.

Scarlet for MichaelJ.png

Michael:     So here you are now - so tell me all about Scarlets please.

Scarlet:    When I decided I wanted to build a music venue I was actually thinking DJ's and that is how I started. I refused to  take the advice given to focus on just one genre, I love country music so although I built a small indoor club "the original Hideaway" with the help of a great friend who taught me a lot about texturing in SL. I also built a large outside venue I called Scarlet's Seaside, there we ran country music and the occasional live. Over time we wound up with more and more live, issues with DJ's and drama took its toll. My friend  and I talked she knows a ton of live singers as a hostess and past venue owner. I gave her carte blanche to fill me up with live as my Live and Hosting Manager. 

Over time we built more and more places with the help of others a great friend of mine in SL is from Colorado and loved Red Rocks. She came in one day said I have this idea. I said lets do it and we built *mostly her* Red Rocks from her memories and photos.
The Ranch venue was actually on another sim and spur of the moment thing. We had an opportunity to get Elvis at Scarlet's then when he found out our venue at the time was on adult land he was going to cancel as he doesnt perform on adult land so i found a moderate parcel and built a venue  so i could keep him. Over time as we grew even  moved a couple of times then SL opened up land sales and I purchased the sim known as Scarlet's Hideaway direct from the Lindens.

Our Team of Managers, Hostesses, DJ's and Live singers has helped make Scarlet's grow and continue to grow for many years I hope.

Michael:     High points and low points along the way ?

Scarlet:    High   Seeing all those people coming to enjoy what you made happen and constantly meeting new people and making friends.

Scarlet:    Low   SL Drama both professionally and personally. Losing friends both virtually and Real. The People you meet here are all real people whom you affect or affect you with their actions or when you lose them.

Michael:     You know the Second Life live music industry inside out by now.  Do you feel it is in a healthy state at this moment in time ?  If you could do one thing to improve it - what would it be?

Scarlet:    Only ONE  can't be done  *Laughs*

Michael:     Conversely what would you say irks you the most ?  (aside from annoying interviewers)

Scarlet:    Too much Drama sometimes and I guess those people that want to cause drama and annoy others instead of just enjoying everything this world has to offer.

Michael:     So - when you arent running your amazing venue - what other activities in Second Life do you enjoy ?

Scarlet:    BUILDING BUILDING BUILDING LOL I love going dancing exploring this world and spending time with friends, recently have been playing with breedables like fairies and horses which is also fun.

Michael:     Finally, the future ... Are there any plans or new projects that you would like to share with our readers - or are you content with what you have created now and enjoying the ride ?

Scarlet:    Never satisfied, right now we have two major venue projects in progress one almost done and ready for prime time is our disneyISH fantasy castle with a huge ballroom surrounded by a winter wonderland with ice skating etc. The other one .... well lets keep something under our hat for now, but I hope its amazing when its done.

We have some wonderful people working with and for us at Scarlet's as a team and it can't help but just get better and better.

One final comment I have met and worked with some great friends here in SL and together we have a fantastic little team, I couldnt manage  Scarlet's alone and  as long as we can continue to do that the sky's the limit. I don't plan on stopping until Scarlet's is 'THE" Premier Live Venue in SL. I do plan on rebuilding my DJ side again too. I would love for Scarlet's to have something going on music wise anytime day or night for everybody but that will take a lot more work and time. Ha.


Thank You Scarlet !!!

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