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Aqua Willowind

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BB Woodford
Trishia OConnell
Dana Enyo

So here we are again - at the latest awesome TAO event organised by Winter and his amazing team, featuring some of the very best talent in Second Life - for the benefit of the wonderful children's charity that is KIKA .  Our TFM team was there for the entire event and have created this permanent record of the occasion as it unfolded .....




by Aqua

I'm excited to be writing about  the  TAO Christmas Event hosted by Winter , and his amazing team incl BB Woodford, on his sim. which has been beautifully decorated with Elves , Santa and snowmen. Along the sides were Christmas huts for vendors with an awesome array of  items for sale  and many raffles generously donated.

 I'm warmly greeted by Neo Oconnell , Stinna's host, as I walk  towards the guests in front of the Christmas bedecked stage in the snowy surroundings , I find a dance , ready to enjoy  Stinna's opening  show.

Stinna is on the stage, singing ' Mary, Did you know' a haunting Christmas Song/

This was followed by - Those were the days my friend, Rudolph the red nose reindeer, Under the Sea from  Little Mermaid, Your gonna miss me when I'm gone, Happy New Year by Abba and Santa Baby

Stinna's Last song was 'Last Christmas I gave you my heart which was sung in her hauntingly beautiful voice

HOST 1 NEO.jpg

Host  Neo

Lyric Serendipity

by Aqua


As Stinna ended her amazing show , Lyric Serendipity took to the stage , looking Christmassy in Fur trimmed red velvet dress and furry headphones  and launched into ' Rockin Around the Christmas Tree' ramping up the party mood..

 Lyric was hosted by a cheery Shrike Rossini in Santa coat , sack over his shoulder

 The local chat was full of fun , happy comments , the mood was merry and people were generous in donating to Kika. KIKA is a dutch based charity searching for a cure for cancer in children . The donations have helped KIKA to make huge strides and actually find a cure which is tremendous news.

Lyric has an engaging bouncy personality , belting out tunes , ' Jingle Bell Rock' and 'Even Santa Claus Gets the Blues' . I loved the later one ,not having hear it before, a real bluesy one

This was followed by ' Bells will be Ring ' and Lyrics last song

Lyric's last song was - Doing christmas right this year ,

Lyric Serendipity


Host  Shrike

Katia  Portugal

by Aqua


Katia came on stage for the second half of the hour shared with Lyric ,with her Amazing bubbly personality  singing ' All I want for Christmas is You' ,  in her unique and wonderful voice keeping the party mood going .

 Next came ' Little China Girl' and a sultry ' Santa Baby. 

 I am always amazed by Katia , every time I hear her , she has a huge caring and kind heart with an infectious laugh , which comes across in her shows . I sometimes think she has an 'Edith Piaf  way.Her music comes from her heart . 

 Included in her last songs were 'I will survive ' and ' I love my Life' .


Wonderful Katia:)

Katia Portugal


Hedy Patrucci

Hedy Patrucci

by Valana

Many live singers and their devoted fans are braving the cold and snow this morning at TAO 2022 to support KIKA, the Children's Cancer Society in Holland.  

Following the vocal talent and humor of Lyric Serendipity and Katia Portugal, who shared the previous hour, Hedy Patrucci, streaming from the Netherlands, has just taken the stage.

Using her many years of music experience and passionate, powerful, seductive voice, Hedy quickly engaged her audience today. Entertaining us with many well-known ballads and pop songs in English. Hedy also performed in Dutch "Kom maar bij mij. " Ending the hour with a very moving "Goodbye" by Mary Hopkin.  


Hostess Blondee

Fly Kugin

by Valana

PERF 5 FLY.jpg

Fly Kugin

Following Hedy Patrucci onto the Tao stage, non-vocalist and professional violinist Fly Kugan got everyone's attention, starting her show with a spirited rendition of the Orchestral Version of "Carol of the Bells."
Taking music from her impressive song list, Fly captivated her audience    with musical and show tunes such as the theme song from the Godfather, "Speak Softly Love." Also, "Lonely Day" by System of a Down and "The Show Must Go On" by Queen.  Ending the show, joined by a duel stream with Winter on guitar and vocals performing"Under Your Stars" by Godsmack.

Today was my first opportunity to hear Fly perform.  Her violin's enchanting, harmonious sound completely entranced me, sometimes making me forget that I was supposed to take notes!  Thank you Fly..


Hostess Shae

Evee Blackstar

by Carmen


Evee Blackstar

Evee Blackstar is the next artist up at TAO. This will be a great show,
you can always tell by the artist's personality when they get on the mic,
and she has a great personality!

Never heard of her before so this will be fun. What a great way to
start off with a jazzy christmas song. She has a amazing voice and you can hear

it especially in the lovely song "Don't cry for me Argentina"! 

Everyone really enjoyed her singing! I will be sure to do a total 
blog on her at a later date!


Hostess Mere

Max  Kleene

by Carmen

PERF 7 MAX.jpg

Max Kleene

Max is my next mini blog for TAO. Always love to hear Max, he is always so upbeat.

He grabs your attention always at the beginning of a show and keeps it the whole time! That is exactly what he is doing right now!


Of course Max talks about KIKA and why we should donate.

Max sang a lot of great songs and then he went to some traditional christmas songs which I love so much. He ends his show with Felice Navidad, one of my favorites.


Hostess Diaz

Hogan Bailey

by Trishia


Hogan Bailey

This weekend (December 10 and 11) was the amazing TAO Charity Event.  Winter Winters and his amazing army of helpers put on a charity event for KiKa, a charity that concentrates on kids with cancer in the Netherlands.  The venue was beautifully decorated with Christmas trees, snowmen, ribbons, elves and snow-blanketed white trees.  I had the pleasure of not only hosting Hogan Baily for this event, but I also am lucky to write a little bit about his performance.



Hostess Trishia

Hogan Baily is a master at his craft and has been singing in SL for many years.  He is a blues, rock ,and country kind of singer, and no matter what genre he sings, he does it well.  Adding to the exciting Christmas spirit, Hogan sang some Christmas songs and made each his own.  Here Comes Santa Claus, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Run Run Rudolph, Christmas Cookies, and Oh Holy Night to name several.  Oh Holy Night happens to be my favorite Christmas song and you should have heard Hogan reach and sustain that final high note!  Amazing!! I had Chills!


Hogan also sang some of his songs located on his extensive song list.  Sweet Home Alabama, Smile, Broken Halos, Low Budget, Whip It, and Soul Shine.  As Hogan sang the lyrics of Soul Shine– “When you can’t find the light that guides you through a cloudy day, When the stars aint shinin bright and you feel like you lost your way, When the candle lights of home burn so very far away, well you got to let your soul shine.”  With the help of Hogan’s songs, I saw so many souls shining brightly today with all those generous donations being placed in the box.  Thank you, Hogan, for donating your time entertaining everyone for a great cause, and thanks to all who attended the event and donated!!

Aaron   Cabott  Jones

by Kissi


Aaron Cabott Jones

I rode Aaron Cabott Jones vocal airwaves to the stage area here at TAO Christmas Deluxe Edition 2022 benefiting KIKA (A Dutch Charity solely funding research of childhood cancers) ~ And what a fantastic ride it was! 


Right past all the Raffles and Shops right up to the festively decorated stage with plenty of snowmen and a train traveling around the base of the Christmas tree.  The warmth that Aaron brings to every one of his performances was ever present as he sang songs such as Like a Rolling Stone * Bob Dylan, A Woman In Love (It's Not Me) * Tom Petty, and Aaron's original song American Jesus.  


Thanks Aaron for another incredible performance at TAO!


Host  Shrike

Noma Falta

by Michael

PERF 10 NOMA.jpg

Noma Falta

What a privilege and a pleasure to see my friend Noma to hit the stage in her latest performance to help charities in SL.

This time around Noma was playing acoustic rather than her customary bass ... and still lookin sooo damn hot as ever !

Sooo many awesome songs - each delivered in Noma's unique and impeccable style ...  for me Witchy Woman was a standout.

And the giggling!  omg - how infectious was that ??

Thanks sooo much Noma - for reminding us all how good live music can be in Second Life


Hostess Blondee

Marqs  De  Sade

by Trishia


Marqs De Sade

I had so much fun at the TAO Charity Even this Sunday!  Winter Winters and his army of helpers created a Christmassy, happy, delightful atmosphere while collecting donations for Kika, the charity supporting kids with cancer in the Netherlands.  What can I say of Marqs DeSade who donated his time and talent to help with this production?  Marqs is one of my favorite SL singers.  He has that smooth smoky sexy voice that can melt anyone’s heart.  And the best part is I can understand every word he sings!!  His diction is perfect!


Beginning his show was “Stuck in the Middle With You” by Stealers Wheel, “Homeward Bound”, “I Wanna do Bad Things With You” (that one stirred up all the guys in the audience lol), “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders, and “Love Song” by The Cure.  Marqs also writes many originals, and they are quite good.  One such song is “Better Than The Alternative” – He tells us don’t get old but it’s better than the alternative lol.   Making us happy with requests Marqs sang “Aint No Sunshine When She’s Gone”, “Dancing on My Own”, “In Case You Didn’t Know”, “Mercy”, and “Love Will Keep Us Alive”.



HOST 10 SHAE.jpg

Hostess Shae

Adding to the Christmas cheer, Marqs sang an original, “Christmas Lullaby”.  I love that song, and it should be #1 on the billboards.  It went something like this -  I don’t want gifts under the tree, look inside your heart and that’s where I will be.  Merry Christmas - I hope your dreams come true- I’m sending my love to you.  Marqs DID send all his love out to us in the audience, and we sent our love to the donation box in his honor!  Thank you Marqs for a great time.  I’ll be coming to see you again real soon!!   (PS – I hope I win that raffle :) 


JimmyT49 Dukes

JimmyT49 Dukes

by Aqua

 It's here  that I take to the sky to avoid crashing ......that's not such a bad thing  , then I listen to the singer without distraction , and what a singer JimmyT is.  And a lot of people share that opinion as the sim is soon full.


Jimmy has a an amazing gravelly bluesy voice  and engaging way with guests . His voice comes from somewhere  deep inside his soul , and  lots come to hear him

 Well whats to say , JimmyT is super amazing and I'm moving to the States , being European Jimmy doesn't sing very much in my time Zone , He kicked off with 'Gravity' .followed by' Tennessee Whiskey' and a 'Simple Man'' Blue on Black ' and 'I still got the Blues for you Came next.

Mere Wolf hosted for JimmyT ,doing a great job of greeting guests as they came in to listen to the amazing JimmyT

HOST 11 MERE.jpg

Hostess  Mere

PERF 13 WINTER 1.jpg



by Aqua

And so we come to the finale of what has been a hugely successful two day  Event with lots of love and warm feelings , The Final show is Winter . A very special giving person.


Winter stepped onto the stage to  a huge welcome , kicking off his show with 'The Little Drummer Boy' followed by , 'I have a right to be heard ' , a very special song which the children in Brique's school performed in a video in thanks for all our love and donations.Feed a Smile and Kika are dear to Winters heart

Winter and his team incl BB Woodford  did an amazing thing in  putting  the TAO together and people were incredibly generous ,


Ssome of the tunes included in Winters show-

Rockin around the Christmas tree

Thank you for loving me

Mary did you know

Can't help falling in love with you

Run Run Rudollph Run

I don't wanna to miss you tonight

All i ask of you is believe

HOST 12 DIAZ.jpg

Hostess  Diaz

Thank you Winter for all you do , and maybe Stinna will catch you next time for an Abba Duet !

PERF 13 WINTER 3.jpg
BB at TAO.jpg
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