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Carmen Cardone

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 I've had a passion for music for as long as I can remember, and in SL, I can share that passion with all of you. Vside-Radio Streams is My way of sharing Music with the world. Supporting Feed a Smile has been a HUGE part of my SL.


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I was honored to be asked if The WoolShed would like to be a major sponsor for TAO's Halloween event, of course I had to accept. TAO do amazing work in organising fund raising events for children's charities, and KIKA, is one of those. KIKA is the Children's Cancer Society located in the Netherlands. I am a very strong believer that we need to give children the best start and opportunity in life, so it was not a hard decision to support this cause. 



Holly Giles

by Taila


I have been looking forward to this event, the TAO Halloween Festival, for the benefit of KIKA for weeks. With an incredible amount of love and work, Winter and Holly, the organizers, and all their hard-working helpers achieved a small miracle. The ambience of the entire sim is breathtaking and the ideas and the variety of offers to support the project in the best possible way is terrific.


The first artist of the TAO Festival for KIKA is the beautiful Holly Giles and with her on stage are the wonderful cheerleaders of the SLCS, which is a grandiose prelude to 3 days of full musical enjoyment at its finest.

Holly brought one great song after another and obviously had a lot of fun doing it, which immediately put the audience in the right mood. With her beautiful, powerful and slightly rough voice, she presented us with titles such as:


All small things,

Hooked on a feeling,

Nutbush City Limits,


Made for you,

I'll be there,



Even if she doesn't want to be classified as country singers and i think she doesn't belong there either, as she is much more versatile, I especially love hearing this style from her. Her voice and her energy are perfect and it is great fun to listen to the likeable Australian.

Putri Solo

by Taila

Putri3 (2).jpg
Putri1 (2).jpg
Putri2 (2).jpg

Putri Solo is a singer from Indonesia who brought us wonderful ballads and pop songs.

Her voice is very strong but also soulful and her repertoire even includes hit breakers from pop divas such as Celine Dione, Whitney Houston, Rihanna or Tina Turner.

On that day she sang songs by:

Cranberries, Lady Antebellum, Celine Dion, Shakira, Michael Jackson and Shania Twain.

We were all excited and impressed by these wonderful melodies and their incredible vocal talent. Thank you Putri!

Tillen Avers

by Valana


Today is my first blog for the TAO 2021 (Together As One) Music Festival since joining the “Toggle For Music” crew. We are here on the beautiful, but spooky, all dressed up for Halloween, sim, of Burning Dragon. Hosted by Tao Owner, singer, Winter and his lovely partner, Holly Giles.


This event which specifically benefits, KIKA, located in the Netherlands, a Dutch charity that raises money to support genetic research to battle childhood cancers. Being a real-life nurse and having lost a three-year-old niece to cancer, this cause is very near and dear to my heart.

From Moscow, Russia, a fifteen-year, real life, rock veteran, Tillen, dressed in a winged, pirate costume, took the TAO stage at 7 AM. She apologized to the crowd in advance, explaining that she was sick, and her performance may not be up to par.

Singing from her extensive song list, Tillen, with her strong, clear, sultry voice belted out songs from many of our favorite rock legends:


The first song was Queen - “Bohemian Rhapsody”; Wet Wet Wet – “Love Is All Around”; Scorpions – “Wind of Change”; Leonard Cohen – “Hallelujah”; Chris Isaak – “Wicked Game”; Ozzy Osbourne – “Dreamer”; and Metallica – “Nothing Else Matters”. My personal favorite, Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best”. Then continued with the Scorpions – “You and I”; Monkeys – “I’m a Believer”; and ended with Chuck Berry’s “Johnny Be Good”.

Tillen’s performance was powerful, full of energy and confidence. The audience loved her, and I was not disappointed! Ms. Avers, I just want to say, if that performance was less than rock star quality because of illness, I can’t wait to see a healthy one………..

BG  Singer

by Valana


Philadelphia born, classically trained with fifty years of entertainment experience, BG Singer took the TAO stage at 8 AM, following the beautiful Tillen Avers. Dressed in a blue, partially un-buttoned shirt and khakis, he was looking seriously hot ladies………but alas, he has been taken by the lovely, Rosa.


With a friendly demeanor and a very sexy voice, BG spoke to his audience. Bless his beautiful heart, he was sick too! After inviting Liam Maddox to join him on stage, BG challenged the audience to a five hundred Linden donation with a fifteen thousand goal during the show.


From his extensive song list he performed his fist song by CCR – “Green River”; CCR –“Proud Mary”; The Hollies – “Long Cool Woman”; Bread – “Guitar Man”; Blood Sweat and Tears – “Hi-De-Ho”; and Three Dog Night – “Never Been to Spain”.


Before he could start the next song, chaos ensued as the Lindens decided it was a good time to restart the region, Burning Dragon, owned by singer, Winter and his beautiful partner, Holly Giles.

After order was restored, the show continued with The Hollies – “The Air That I Breathe;” Dan Fogelberg – “Leader of the Band”; ending with Bon Jovi – “Thank You for Loving Me”.


Despite the untimely interruption, thanks to BG and to all the wonderful SL, TAO supporters, the fifteen thousand Linden goal was not only met, but exceeded!

Hedy Patrucci

by Valana


From the Netherlands, the always elegant and beautiful, Dutch performer, Hedy Patrucci, took the TAO stage, at 9 A.M., wearing a tasteful, black pants suit. Located on the region, Black Dragon, owned by singer, Winter Winters and his lovely partner, Holly Gilles.

Performed in Dutch, “Leun Op Mij” (Lean on Me); “Hij Gelooft in Mij” (He Believes in Me); Claudio de Brij - “Kom Maar Bij MIJ” (Come to Me); “May Ik Dan Bij Jou” (May I be with you); Then in English, Journey – “Open Arms”; Neil Diamond – “September Morn”; Eva Cassidy – “Fields of Gold”; Josh Groban- “You Raised Me Up”; Dave Barnes - "On A Night Like This"; Beatles - "Let It Be".

Hedy has a strong, clear, seductive singing voice. I do enjoy listening to her sing a love song. She is funny, friendly, comfortable and sometimes a little naughty engaging with her audience. Her fans love her and she loves them back. It was a wonderful show! Thank you, Hedy.......

Katia Portugal

by Carmen

katia 2.jpg

I was very happy when our schedule for TAO came out that I got to choose to write a blog on Katia. I was very impressed the first time I ever heard her sing; she is the type of person I like to call an artiste. I so enjoy singers that can also entertain and that is what Katia does, she is always so upbeat! Was so happy to see a friend of mine EvAngelina Swordthain who I have known for some time. She is a great hostess and in fact is in the DJ and Host Hall of Fame in Sl and is also Katia's assistant!

When I arrived, there were so many people here for TAO, great to see so many people including two from our blog group Talia and Aqua. I should explain what TAO is first. Winter a great singer is the TAO Owner and Festival co-coordinator. His partner Holly Giles another great performer is the Manager and Raffles Manager. Winter was kind enough to explain TAO to me. "Our one and ONLY aim is to raise money for children's Charities through mainly a Live music festival!" They have 4 events per year in Second Life at this location and this weekend's event supports KIKA, the Children's Cancer Society located in the Netherlands! There is one tip jar and everything that is donated to it goes directly to Kika. It was great to come to this TAO event, they have 3 other events during the year.

Katia is an excellent performer; she is always energetic and very friendly to the audience. I really believe that this is a sign of a good artist. She is explaining how to donate to TAO in good faith.

She started with a few songs and then "I Put a Spell on You" by Annie Lennox. Because this is TAO’s Halloween event, she sings in the voice of a witch from time to time. I think it’s great! Of course, she has a Halloween theme! As you can see in the photo above, she is dressed as a witch. If you weren't here to listen to this song, you missed a great performance, and she sang a great version.

She continues after the song to greet people at her show. Oh, the next is Thriller by Michael Jackson! I even have the thriller dance animation, so it makes it so much fun! So, at the end she laughs like a witch again, she does that so well! Katia puts so much thought into her songs. People continue to come into the sim to hear Katia!

Next song is Zombie by The Cranberries not an easy song to sing, as you can imagine Katia performed it so good!

Oh, love the next song SOS by Abba, so when you're near me, darling can't you hear my S. O. S. Opps! stop that Carmen this is Katia's show! Ha! Sorry but Abba makes me want to sing and Katia helps you to get into the song!

Oh, another Abba song, The Winner Takes It All. Katia adds another Halloween touch to her song with her wonderful witchy laugh! How can a witch sound that good!

Sadly, it seems we must close out Katia's show. When you go to one of her shows you just want the fun feeling to continue. I love the performers who make you smile from the time they start singing to the end! That is what Katia does for me and I am sure will for you also!

Katia is originally from Croatia living in Portugal that is why she occasionally sings in Portuguese along with Italian and Spanish! She is one of those performers who really enjoys performing for her audience. She has a wide choice of songs from Rock to show tunes! Next time you are in sl try to take in one of her shows!

Bart Hoorenbeek

by Taila


I really longed for Bart Hoorenbeek's appearance. I've been able to hear it briefly a few times, but luck would have it that I was never allowed to experience a complete concert. The very first sound from his mouth gave me goose bumps.


This man has such an incredibly pleasant, warm and deep sexy voice that he could read the phone book to me and I would be happy. In addition to his unique voice, I think he has excellent musical tastes that I absolutely share with him.


I remember secretly listening to my older brother's records as a little kid. The Beatles, Jean-Michel Jarre and especially Pink Floyd and Dire Straits. This music has always accompanied me and if I am not feeling well today and I am stressed, this music manages to relax me completely and make me dream. I am so happy that there is a Bart Hoorenbeek in SL.


On the song list of that day were songs by the brilliant musician Mark Knopfler with the songs -Darling pretty + What it is-; and of course the Dire Straits with the songs -Brothers In Arms, Lady Writer, Sultans of Swing- in focus. Bart's Sultans of Swing really blew me away, an absolutely terrific performance! In addition to his playful and singing talent, this man also has an enormous feeling, which he gives the audience without frills and in his very personal honest way. Thank you for this hour of musical enjoyment!

Gary Jonstone

by Taila


On the TAO stage, we were able to welcome another extraordinary voice that day. Gary Jonstone, the well-known and very popular country singer, came on stage with the best costume for my taste;)


The good mood was already inevitable. I have to regret again and again to find out how little country music can be heard here in Germany and therefore unfortunately I have no experience of this kind of music. But I like them more and more and the thanks of such wonderful musicians like Gary, who convey exactly what I think is what defines this style of music. (The connoisseur should please correct me)


These are the everyday stories from the life of the “simple American”, told in an uncomplicated and straightforward manner, and packed with a lot of feeling in a beautiful musical way. There is a large portion of masculinity and adventure but also romance, which makes it so special. But what I can say with absolute certainty is that I was completely enthusiastic about this performance by Gary. He has such a perfect, pleasantly deep and strong voice, he conveys the right feeling that these songs need and I buy each of his songs from him.

What an experience! After the concert, Gary whispered some of his songs to me, for which I would like to thank you again. It ain't my fault - Brothers Osborne, I'm to blame- Kip Moore, Standing outside the fire-Garth Brooks, Wrecking Ball-Eric Church, Yeehaw-Jake Owen, Hillbilly bone- Blake Shelton.

Chillee Hernandez

by Taila


To this Festival we were also able to welcome the wonderful Chillee Hernandoz on the TAO stage. Chillee has been a household name in the SL music scene for many years and, to the delight of everyone, she brings pop, jazz and blues music with her.

With her brilliant voice and her great passion for singing and performing, she spoiled us with songs like:

Ashley Monroe - Hands on You Chris Stapleton - Tennesee whiskey Classics IV - Spooky Joan Jett - Bad reputation Gary Moore - Still got the blues for you Bobby Pickett - Monster mash


Chillee's unbelievable singing talent combined with the inherent (I don't think you can learn something like that) unique sense of rhythm for every song, really got me excited and carried away.

My all-time favorite that day because it goes so well with Halloween was their great version of Bobby Pickett's Monster Mash. Sung perfectly and with the accompanying spooky mood. You couldn't stand still and I had so much fun during this whole hour, which unfortunately passed far too quickly.


What a great show, thank you Chillee!

Shaye Desno

by Aqua


I knew of Shaye of course, being in the music scene, but had never heard her as we walk in different time zones. Oh my ! What have I been missing? This Lady has THE MOST captivating voice , worth staying up FOR in the wee small hours , not that I had to for this show . We were at the TOGETHER AS ONE HALLOWEEN EVENT in aid of research into Children's Cancer , held and organised by 11Winter11 and his partner Holly Giles with the amazing help of BB Woodford , Liam and Olde soul , BB , KissiTulip to name just few.


Shaye launched into ' Sweet Dreams ' by Annie Lennox , which is one of my all time favourites , followed by 'Tush ' . I could write here all the very true descriptions of Shaye's voice and style . A powerhouse is one of these descriptions and she certainly is , a fabulous voice with a slight huskiness . Sometimes , I close my eyes , shut everything else out and listen . I Listened to every note Shaye sang, absorbing the beauty of a stunning voice . And Shaye has an incredible , captivating voice


Shaye shared with us the sadness of her brother who had Leukemia and sang ' Angels in Waiting ' sending shivers down my spine .


Shaye gave us ' Dark Horse' and 'Baby Outlaw ' and many others . I was so lost in her singing , I forgot to make notes . The whole room was captivated by her , toe tapping to the fast songs and simply listening and feeling with the slow ones. She is at one with every song she sings and carries you along with her , taking you on a musical journey that you don't want it to end.

The 'Room '' was an Amazingly decorated stage setting for Halloween with Ghosts , Spiders and skeletons, eerie and spooky, created by Winter and Holly and their team

I asked someone , what do you say about someone with a voice like this , He said there aren't enough descriptions

. Shaye Dezno , you blew me away with your exquisite voice and performance. I hope to be able to hear you again , soon


Silverlight Gypsyheart

by Taila


Silverlight GypsyHeart, the lovable Australian and owner of the venue SOTO “Spirit of the Outback”, was the first to step onto the TAO stage on the 2nd day of the festival.


She had the finest Rock music with her. She heated up the mood right away with her first song, Voodoo by Godsmack.

You can literally feel her love and passion for music and what it gives the audience and it is such a pleasure to watch and, above all, to listen.

The songs she picked for this show were:


Godsmack - Voodoo

Alter Bridge - Who'll watch over you Stevie Wonder - Master Blaster Supertramp - Take the long way home Linkin Park - What I've Done Rocky Horror - Time Warp Ozzy Osbourne And Lita Ford - Close My Eyes Forever Linkin Park - New devide Alice Cooper - Poison. What a great voice, great music selection and great presentation. Congratulations and thanks Silver, you rocked the TAO stage!

Remy Farman

by Valana

Remy tao.jpg

Remy took the TAO stage at 6 am, located in the region of Black Dragon, owned by singer, Winter and his beautiful partner Holly.  Dressed in black jeans and a T-shirt sporting the logo “This is my Halloween costume...BOO!”



He sang, Jayce Everett – “Bad Things”; Ashley Moore – “Hands on You”; David Gray- “This Years Love”; Ricky Martin – “Livin La Vida Loca”; Frankie Goes To Hollywood – “The Power of Love”; Brett Eldredge – “Don’t Ya”; Taylor Swift – “Everything Has Changed”; Elvis – “Burning Love”; From the Grease SoundTrack – “You’re The One That I want”; Abba – “The Winner Takes It All”; and for the last song, Marc Anthony – “When I dream at Night”.


Remy was funny, friendly and has a great voice! We enjoyed a wonderful performance.  Thank you, Remy……


by Valana


Stinna took the TAO stage at 7 am, located in the region of Black Dragon, owned by singer, Winter and his beautiful partner Holly.  Dressed in a long, elegant, black, spider web covered gown. Complete with bats flying around her body and a large, black spider over her right eye.  

The first song performed was from one of my favorite movies, by David Bowie – The Labyrinth – “As the World Fell Down”.  Ray Parker, Jr. – “Ghost Busters”; several different composers – “Blame It on Me”; Don McLean – “Starry Starry Night”; Dido – “White Flag”; Fleetwood Mac – “Little Lies”; Mariah Carey – “Hero”; Blackmore’s Night – “Loreley”; Rainbow – “Temple of the King”; Nightwish – “Turn Loose the Mermaids”; and from the Moana Movie – “How Far I’ll Go”

Stinna gave a great performance with her strong, beautiful voice.  Thank you for sharing with us Stinna…..

Lyric Serendipity

by Taila


At 8 am on Saturday Lyric Serendipity stepped onto the TAO stage.


The rock - pop - blues singer from Boston has been known on the stages in SL for over 10 years and has put together a very special playlist for this festival, songs suitable for Halloween: Santana- Black Magic Woman Marcy Playground - Sex And Candy Ray Parker Jr.- Ghostbusters The Black Keys - Howlin 'For You On The Dark Side - Eddie And The Cruisers Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting Blondie - One Way Or Another Stevie Wonder Superstition Classic IV - Spooky Ludo - Love me Dead Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear The Reaper The Cranberries - Zombie


[On my own account I would like to say something about the song lists, even if some see them as a boring listing of titles, I find them important to give a small impression of what music the artist is concerned with and what it may be about him testifies. Therefore, I will continue to do this, even if the research on this is sometimes a little more time-consuming.]


In this case it gives me great pleasure to name them all, because I find the great effort, the hard work and the thoughts that Lyric has put into it to be extraordinary and this should be honored.


She literally brought us to the stage on Halloween, her great voice, the passion for music but also the fun she had with it, was palpable and contagious. She made friends and guests sing along, howl along and entertaint us all perfectly. In short, a grandiose concert that made the hour go by in no time.


p.s. (I can't help but somehow smelled like burnt chicken the whole time 😉)

Phil Setner

by Ezzy


Phil starts with warm welcomes and big hugs to all. Super poppy tunes in the background, and his Scottish accent is marvelous!


This mix is perfect! His vocals ride over the top of the backing tracks just a tad as they should. When he sings, the accent is very discreet, and his ability to hold and carry a note with consistency and without power loss or change in tone is exceptional!


Phil's cover of Rod Stewarts - Handbags & Gladrags was stunning! He incorporated this gritty vocal sound that provided such a nice little extra to the already fantastic song. I just kept catching myself saying. Who is this man? He sings like an angel, and I love it! The highs are not overreaching, and the lows are clear and defined; it's brilliant.

There is just a feeling and sense that Phil is having an AMAZING time while singing his heart out, which is apparent in the sound, making the whole show gripping, addictive, and wanting MORE!

Phil flipped everything around at the end and started singing country songs. What a pleasant surprise! The man can sing with a country twang that makes it sound as though he was born and raised in the heart of Texas!

Kendall Jigsaw &  Princess Jeni

by Ezzy


Kendall comes out and gives thanks to the previous performer, and in traditional Colorado, style is hacking and wheezing, screaming HAPPY 420! Then the music cuts in hard with Kendall's cover of Kid Rock's - Bawitdaba


Kendall keeps the TAO party jumping with the shredding guitar during his cover or White Zombie - Thunder Kiss '65, a song which quickly takes me back to the good old head-banging days of the 1990s!

Being my first time hearing Princess Jeni sing along with Kendall, I thought it was a superb addition that made the sound more complete, vibrant, and wide-ranging as she provided a higher octave to the mix.

Quickly I was going, "Whoa!! Whoa!! Whoa!!" Jeni's singing of Stevie Nicks - Landslide was quite stunning, a genuinely exceptional cover that brought me goosebumps a couple of times. Then she continued with Fleetwood Mac - Dreams, and my heart was melting! This woman can sing and WELL. I just loved every moment of it!

Kendall's guitar difficulty rating joke I thought was hilarious and was a perfect lead-in to playing Gary Moore's - Still Got the Blues, and it was perfect!

Max Kleene

by Carmen

maxk2 (2).jpg
maxk3 (2).jpg

Not many singers in sl can be recognized by one word....MAX. We all know who that is of course, Max Kleene. What a treat to be able to write a blog on him today. Max is from Niagara Falls; Canada and I have known him a long time. I can't even think how long I have been listening to him, but I remember him singing the song Hallelujah around 2007 or 2008. I have watched him perform on a live stream at sl jams, particularly the Cleveland jam which I was going to go to since it was only an hour away. Unfortunately, I could not make it.

He is a very talented singer with a great range and tone and a super guitar player. He is a great guy and all around friendly and sincere person with a great personality. I always feel like I am with a group of friends at home listening to Max when he sings. He has that easy, comfortable feeling about him but is still very professional.

I arrive at the TAO event which I was at yesterday and once again it is bringing in a great amount of people, that's great!

So, one of the first things Max does is to give his fans a warm welcome, and if you have ever read my blogs, you know I feel that interacting with your audience is something I feel is very important. He then talks about TAO the event he is singing at today.

So briefly let me explain the TAQ event. You can find a more detailed explanation in my previous blog. As Winter a singer in sl who started TAO explained it is "Our one and ONLY aim is to raise money for children's Charities through mainly a Live music festival!" They have 4 events per year in Second Life at this location and this weekend's event supports KIKA, the Children's Cancer Society located in the Netherlands! So, let's start donating for a good cause.

Max's first song is Peace, Love, and Understanding. That is appropriate considering that is what these children need when they are battling cancer!

Next, he is going to sing a Rob Thomas song! Max likes to pick songs generally that are upbeat and gets the audience going, at least it does that for me!

A funny thing I do when writing a blog is play the original one on YouTube so that I can motivate myself and to compare the original to what an artist does. So, Max starts to sing Give a Little Bit, sung by Roger Hodgson of Supertramp. It is amazing how much Max sounds like him I just noticed that!

Next up is a song by Concrete Blonde called Bloodletting the Vampire song! I better step back from the stage some I think Max looks as if his canine teeth are extra sharp and extra pointy! Ha-ha! What a great song that is, I must admit I have never heard it before.

Well unfortunately when Max started his next song it seems as if those Vampire teeth broke his D string! See Max you should have left those teeth at home! Well fortunately we had many patient fans of Max's there today and we were all willing to wait it out. That is when you can tell the performance is LIVE! A broken string!

Oh, now I need to turn my volume all the way up for this next song! Creep by Radiohead is one of my most favorite songs! You got to sing along and sway with this one! Great job Max! This is when the range that Max has comes into play!

Now onto some Beatles songs which if anyone knows me knows why they are so close to my heart. First one is Yellow Submarine by The Beatles. Darn it I know I have a wearable yellow submarine in my inventory but as usual with 150,000 items it was hard to find!

Once again, I start to look in my inventory as he starts to sing, I am the Walrus. Yeah, I got one of those too! Max next time you got to tell me ahead of time! lol

But yeah, I used to have the Cavern Club in Second Life for almost ten years which of course is a real English club in Liverpool. So of course, you know why the Beatles are so close to my heart! Thanks for those songs, Max!

Oh, and who doesn't love the song Make you Feel My Love by Adele and surprising written by Bob Dillon. This is the first time I have heard Max sing this song and as usual Max makes this song his own!

This is the part of a show which I don't like, yes, the show is almost coming to an end. I have always said they need to make shows 90 minutes long! Maybe someday!

Max's last song is Humble & Kind by Lori McKenna. I don't know this song so can't wait to hear it! Great song Max, he is great at singing songs with feelings which is one thing I love about Max. But he also has a wide variety of songs that he sings.

So, another TAO performance is over, however you have all day on Sunday to come to the event and to donate to this cause! I am so honored to be able to do some of the blogs for this event. Please donate!

Thank you, Max, so much! I also want to thank Winter for being so kind to explain this event to me and its importance.

Djembe Dragonfire

by Ezzy


Djembe begins his performance with hugs to all in attendance. Thanks to the previous performer, and talks about why we gathered for this fantastic event. The message is well delivered, heartfelt, and had everyone into it immediately.


Djembe has a sensational dreamy and soft tone that makes the music he sings inviting and heartwarming. He has a mix that is very well put together. The volume of the vocals is matched perfectly with the backing tracks, and it sounds exceptional.

Djembe did a cover of Nat King Cole - Let's Face the Music and Dance that had me doing the chair bop until I spilled my water! It was terrific, and I had not heard that song in a long time. So, I was FIRED up!!


The power, clarity, and definition in Djembes' voice when he sang the Beauty and the Beast song - If I can't Love Her, written by Terrance Mann, was astounding and had my jaw on the floor. The closing note he held was insane and left the crowd going wild in the local chat with applause and cheer. Very very well done!

The sultry voice Djembe put forth on the closing track, New York State of Mind by Billy Joel we perfect for finishing the performance and his rendition of the song was stellar! The voice accompanied by the saxophones on this particular track was melt-worthy and had me wanting SO much more!

Agatha Nowles

by Aqua

Agath 2.png
Agatha 3.png

I'm at The TAO (HALLOWEEN EVENT ) when Agatha comes on stage. Oh AGATHA , AGATHA! This little lady is amazing . I've known Agatha for a long time and never , ever get enough of her shows , She is so upbeat , full of energy and laughter , and OH yes , she can sing . Agatha launched into 'Ventura Highway', followed by 'You're so Vain ' ,and ' Love potion no 9 '

As Agatha sang, she shared with us that her family was preparing a barbeque in the garden of the house at the same time , making us all hungry We were treated to ' Love Potion no 9 ' and Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams'. By now even the skeletons on the stage were dancing.


Agatha is multi-lingual , breaking out into another language at any moment , laughing and interacting with her audience at the same time. She sang Fleetwood Mac's ' Big Love ' , Eurythmics 'Her Comes The Rain Again ' and ' Is this Love ' .

The Together As One is an Event organised by Winter , his partner Holly and the team for research into Children's Cancer. They created an amazing spooky stage with Skeletons dancing , hugs skulls ,spiders , pulling us into an eerie smoke filled atmosphere.


Agatha is one of the most delightful , warm hearted , fun loving performers I know

She is a true entertainer , at One with her music , feeling every note. This lady can SING.!! She ended her show with 'Bad Things ' and left the room on a wave of infectious laughter, heading for that steak:)



Wolfie Starfire

by Aqua

Wolfie (2).png

Wolfie came onto The TAO stage as Sally Skellington. With a  chorus line of  skeletons and a huge Skull as backdrop , the stage was set for a memorable show. Wolfie Launched into  ' I put A Spell on You ' weaving a magic spell on us all . I know Wolfie well , having been to many of her shows and had the pleasure of her singing in my place. She is an out standing musician , dedicated and passionate in her craft.


 Wolfie  Sang ' Time Warp ' and making a dedication request with Ed Sheeran's 'Perfect'.

This was where Wolfie let us know this would be her last show in the Second life music scene . She was leaving Second life and venturing into the World of real life music ,to make her mark . Wolfie has worked hard with her music , learning and loving at the same time , learning and fine tuning her voice and loving her friends who followed her in her shows.


Wolfie sang Disney's Show Yourself

                      This is Me

                      Hit me With Your Best Shot

And many others , strong powerful songs for a little lady with an amazing voice


 Wolfie Starfire,  Everybody  who  had the pleasure of knowing you and hearing you sing , will be wishing you all success on your next journey in the music world , hugs Little Lady


Winter & Holly

by Valana

Holly and Winter 3.jpg
Winter and Holly 1.jpg
Holly and Winter 2.jpg

Black Dragon Region owners and singers, Winter Winters and Holly Giles took the TAO stage at 5 AM, dressed in skeleton costumes, to replace, Semina, who was caught in traffic and could not make the performance. They were joined on stage by Liam Maddox on guitar and Luna on Keyboards.

Since the performance was unplanned, the music was chosen by request or randomly picked as the show progressed. There was a lot of verbal interaction between Winter and Holly as well as with the audience with lots of laughter. Everyone had a great time.


The first song was by Bob Dylan – “Knockin On Heaven’s Door”; Blue Oyster Cult – “Don’t Fear The Reaper”; Lynyrd Skynrd – a mix of “Sweet Home Alabama”; The Troggs – “Love Is all Around”, Beatles – “Come Together”, Guns N Roses – “Used To Love Her”, Susan Wong – “When You Say Nothing At All”; Bryan Adams – “Summer of 69”. Finishing with Train – “ 50 Ways to Say Goodbye".

I would like to thank Winter and Holly for a great time. Also, for giving their time, money and the use of their Venue for such a worthy cause.



by Valana


Dressed in a black witch costume, Mavenn took the stage at 6 am following Black Dragon region owners Winter Winters and Holly Giles, replacing Jack Dryden, who was ill and unable to attend. 


Mavenn entertained us with songs by The Pretenders - "Middle of the Road"; Melissa Ethridge - "No Souvenirs"; Shakira - "Gypsy"; Jann Arden - "Insensitive"; Lucinda Williams - "Essence" and Beth Hart - "Bad Women Blues";   One of my favorites, The Pretenders - "Brass in Pocket";
Finishing up the set with Beth Hart's - "Bad Woman Blues"; U2 - "Desire"; Tommy James - "Mony Mony"; and lastly, Melissa Etheridge - "Like The Way I Do.  


Thank you to Mavenn for her excellent, last-minute, pure rock star performance!  I can't wait to hear you sing again.  


To Jack, we all missed you today and hope you get well soon.

Mimi Carpenter

by Taila


For Mimi, it was very early on Sunday morning in Toronto when she started her show. She was still half asleep, she noticed right from the start, which I found very sympathetic. But I've liked Mimi's natural and carefree manner for a long time anyway. Like the girl with the guitar next door, she is friendly, a bit dreamy and that comes out again and again in her music in addition to all the talent and experience and it is precisely this charm that makes her so special and lovable in my eyes.


With an announcement and in her very personal way, she gave us an hour with a little quieter and more thoughtful tones.


In addition to some French titles, she sang: Lifehouse - Storm Sting - Fields Of Gold Coldplay Speed ​​Of Sound Counting Crows - Colorblind Angus and Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane Massive attack - teardrop MC Solaar - Caroline


Mimi sings all the tracks in her very own, unmistakable Mimi way, she always stays true to herself and goes beyond genres that you would not initially associate with calm music. But she manages to make a Nirvana song herself or, as in the case of Caroline, a rap song. In addition to her beautiful, warm, soft voice, I like her special kind of looping with her "hissing" what stays in the ear.


It is always a special experience to see her live!

Marqs DeSade

by Valana


Dressed in cowboy style, Marqs took the TAO stage at 8 am, located in the Black Dragon region.  Stepping in for Nefer, who was unfortunately unable to make it to the show.   


The show started with a song by Matchbox Twenty -"3 am".  Then continued with Chris Daughtry - "Home"; Robert Palmer - "Addicted To Love"; Beatles - "Come Together"; Lynyrd Skynyrd -"Simple Kind of Man"; Phil Collins - "Take A Look at Me Now"; and Bruce Springsteen - "I'm on Fire." Marqs performed a song that he wrote himself - "I Wasn't Looking."
Neil Diamond - "Holly Holly"; Christina Perri - "A Thousand Years." Ending with my request, John Lennon's "Imagine."


Marqs sang with solid enthusiasm,  great confidence, and professionalism. I will certainly be attending future shows. Thank you, Marqs!

Amberle Janniah

by Taila


The beautiful pop singer Amberle stepped onto the TAO stage at 9 am. I have already seen her a few times in Cafe Musique and I was therefore very much looking forward to her and her music.


Her Songlist at this day was: Adele - Make You Feel My Love, The Cranberries - Zombie, Natalie Imbruglia - Torn, The Cardigans - Lovefool, Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah, Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive, Billie Eilish - Bad guy, Gloria Gaynor - Can't take my eyes off you, Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow, Dido - Thank You, Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence.


Amberle enchanted us with her wonderfully, great and fresh voice. She sings with a lot of feeling and exudes a magical feminine fragility and sensitivity that I like very much. As always, it was a great pleasure to listen to her.


John Rocky

by Valana

John Rocky2.jpg

Dressed as a sexy devil, John Rocky took the TAO stage at 8 am, located in the Black Dragon region. John sang a variety of older but great songs.  

The show started with INXS's-"Never Tear Us Apart"; CCR's "Bad Moon Rising" and "Proud Mary"; Bon Jovi - "Wanted Dead or Alive'; The Who - "Behind Blue Eyes." Next, John dedicated to all the TAO supporters Tina Turner's - "Simply the Best." Then, continuing the show with  Metallica - "Nothing Else Matters"; Elton John -"Rocket Man"; and ending with Queen - "I Want To Break Free." 


John used his sexy voice, outgoing personality, and seemingly boundless energy to fire up the audience and encourage everyone to dig deep  into their pockets to give to the cause. As a result, 1,000,000 Lindens, the TAO goal, was achieved by the end of the set.  Thank you, John!

Lexus Melodie

by Ezzy


Lexus begins her show with hellos, hugz and mentions why we gather to support the TOA Haloween event. Her delivery and tone here brought the crowd into it at the drop of the first note.


Her cover of Price Tag - Jessie J was superb! It was very upbeat and well put together. Her acoustic guitar tone is lovely! Bright while not overpowering and fits very well with her voice. I had never heard her perform before, but I was quickly delighted and very excited for more!

While Lexus was strumming away and singing, and the whole feeling was just AMAZING! Playing little drum sounds on the body of the guitar and everything the entire time. Truly sensational!! She was joking in the lyrics, and it just demonstrated her legitimate ability to perform.


I kept saying, "MY GOD!" This woman can sing and play the guitar incredibly well!! Dancing for the first time in public with the love of my life and Lexus's music filled my heart and soul with maximum joy during the whole show! I kept catching myself thinking. "Is this happening right now? Someone, please, pinch me now I am dreaming!"

Lexus has this bright-sounding voice the is intriguing and inviting. These slight inflections and her accent peak through at various moments in the song that filled the sound and feeling it was bringing quite well! All of it making me want MORE and MORE! Then Lexus did a cover of I Am the Walrus - The Beatles and incorporated lyrics into it "We are here together as one" and my face just smiled ear to ear with delight. She was not distracting from the music in any way but adding to it incredibly! Several times, she mixed in her little on the fly version of the lyrics, and they were all very clever and well done.

Ruvi Gatchi

by Aqua


 Ruvi Came bouncing in with 'To Get The Party Going'  with her Band , dressed as Vikings , She had the room bouncing,  belting out ' Jump in Line ' following up with 'Walking on Sunshine ' and 'Sweet Child O Mine . Ruvi is a powerhouse full of energy .

 This was my first time hearing Ruvi and I was impressed by her passion and strong voice , this lady can sing  . Ruvi covers many genres including the likes of Adele, Rhianna to the Carpenters and a whole lot more.


She was in TAO filing in for Wolfie Moonshadow and Wow what a fillin !!

She had us Rockin and in the party mood as soon as she took to the stage.

 Ruvi is an amazing entertainer , I'm so glad I had the chance to hear her perform:)

Aley Kat

by Aqua

Aleykat (1).png

We were into the Third day of  Together As ONE Event,  building up to the Finale of an amazing feast of music in aid of KIKA . Aley Kat Came on stage in a stunning  deep dark red dress with black roses and spiders with mask , looking amazing and kicked off with' Do you Remember ', Walking on Broken Glass ,  'Thriller ' , Thrift Shop Feat ' ,'No Place I'd Rather Be, 'Mama Said ', 'Let's get Loud ' .


Aley has a passion for music and singing which she loves to share with others , this showed in her show as she Belted out such  favourites like 'Rollin on The River' and 'Jump Jive' which had the room Bouncing.


Aley has an amazing voice , clear and note perfect , faultless like crystal . She is

effervescent like sparkling champagne. Aley is a true entertainer pulling her audience in,  chatting and laughing ,


AleyKat , she will lift your spirits and have you wanting more


by Taila


As with every TAO festival, Winter ends the program appropriately and personally.


A wonderful festival is coming to an end and even if it hardly seems possible, it is getting better, bigger and, above all, more and more successful.


This weekend we had so much fun and joy with the music, the costumes and the unbelievable number of great offers around the stage. It was a party to which everyone was warmly welcomed and which ended up being a party among friends. Friends hand in hand, Together As One, everyone in their own personal way, supported this important event to the best of their ability. It triggered great emotions among those responsible but also among the visitors, especially at the end of the program, when this donation board was fed more and more and at the end the unbelievable sum of 1.262641 L$ came out. WOW!


Winter was of course very touched because of the success, but he went over to his program professionally and smashed the following songs out of himself:


Congo - Come With Me Nickelback - We Must Stand Together Sonata Arctica - I Have A Righ White Lion - When The Children Cry Aerosmith - Dream On DIO - Holy Diver Foo Fighters - Best Of You Irene Cara - What A Feeling John Parr - Saint Elmo's Fire


Winter has an incredible energy, in his being, his ingenious guitar playing and of course especially in his fantastic voice, with which he reaches unbelievable heights and repeatedly blows us away with his infinitely long breath. He sings with so much feeling and soul and he gives everything and more, he sends us messages with his songs that really go deep.


He has so much fun doing it and nothing is self-evident to him and therefore he never forgets to thank everyone and you can feel that it comes from the heart. TAO also comes from the heart to pass on his wish a little of happiness to the children who are not so lucky and he has once again managed to get a lot of people to follow his wish.


Thanks for the great festival!


A Final Word From the Man!!


What an amazing 3 day Weekend!! What an Amazing 2 weeks actually with all the Meet & Greets and everything else!!

I am truly honored & humbled by all of you who came to the event, showed love, support, participated and /or even posted a little something about us on your Facebook pages or Blogs!

We TRULY joined Together As One for KIKA, for our children, for our Future!

With all the Ups and Downs, Laughter, Stress, Problems, tears of Joy and all the incredible moments we had throughout these 2 weeks, here we are today speechless and amazed at what we ALL did together.

Firstly I want to thank the Amazing TAO Team!

Holly Giles, Manager and Raffles coordinator!

Bibi Woodford , Market Manager and TAO Photographer (new role)!

Kissi Tulips , Floor Manager!

Without you, TAO is NOT possible! You guys do and have done a Tremendous Job spending lots of time and money to do this! So Whole Heartedly, THANK YOU!

Thank you to the 2 women who brought KIKA to SL!

Mrs. Toya Drexxar-Bailey & Mrs. Petra Jansen (Petra Oximoxi)

WE, as in ALL of SL, are grateful that you brought KIKA to us, so we can try to do what we can and help in our own little way, and maybe 1 day win this war against this Horrific thing that NO CHILD deserves!

THANK YOU for being so kind Hearted! Thank you for being YOU!

To our Sponsors!! YOU have shown TOGETHER AS ONE so much Love that I have no way of ever being able to properly thank you! It is not just the Donations and all, but all the After Parties and your will to offer and do MORE to raise that amount for KIKA is just overwhelmingly humbling. You ALL went out of your way to do above and beyond a simple “sponsorship” so for this, THANK YOU!

Our MAIN Sponsors were:

Pangea Estates and Illy!

Vside Radio Streams and Scots Paul & Mandy Lavarock!

Glow Live Music and Claudia Embacher (Panjana)!

The WareHouse and Katerina Hallstrom - Mavendorf, Jenni G Mavendorf & Kring Mavendorf!

The Woolshed and Spiker Upshaw!

Exclusive Music Village and Aust Ex & Shyvon Monella!

Our Sponsors of the Day were:

Bugatti’s and Chyanne Giano Luscious , Maddie G Rebel Rowley , A V A T A R & Chip!

Swamp Water Bluz and Mina Weissbrod & Gator Queen!

Blues Cove and Eve Willowind (Aqua)!

Terry’s Place and Ninja!

Thank you to ALL the AWESOME Performers that donated their time, money and shared with us their skill and talent! You are part of the TAO Family and we are SO happy to have you ALL with us! We ALSO want to THANK YOU to ALL who stepped up in our time of need and did what you did!

At the core, Together As One (TAO) is a Music Festival that brings us all together for a good cause while having fun!

So I want to thank the CORE of the Festival, the performers!

Holly Giles, Putri Solo Thala Verani, Tillen Avers, Brian GarrettBG Singer, Hedy Patrucci, Katia-Kaja Portugal, Bart Hoorenbeek, Gary Jonstone, Chillee Odia, Shayne Dezno, Silver Light, Remy Farman, Stinna Sky, Lyric Serendipity, Phil Setner, Kendall Jigsaww &Princess Jeni, Max Kleene, Scott Leary (Djembe Dragonfire), Agatha Nowles, Wolfie Starfire, Rhonda Hoffman (Mavenn), Mialy Carpenter(Mimi Carpenter), Marq Sanders, Amberle Janniah, John Rocky, Lexus Melodie, Ruvi Gatchie, Mae Loved , Aley Kat, Winter Winters, DJ Luscious, Inkaku Capalini, AcousticEnergy Nitely, Hogan Baily, Anj Gustafson , Bo W Shim, Kris Composer, Lyric Wolfsong, @NeoMaximus & Donald Kenneth DeVore!

To our Toastie Hosties with the ABSOLUTE mosty! We, all Performers and TAO staff do what we do, but without you to complete us it wouldn’t be possible! THANK YOU for ALL your Hard Work, Dedication and Love you have shown at TAO for KIKA! YOU TRULY are AMAZING and were Vital for the success of this event!


Whisp Ampan, Diaz Jaxx (Diamondz), Luna Rose Amethyst, Siv Sørgaard (Sivvy1) , Arttease Resident , Lakey Bravin, Tally Nirvana, Trishia Oconnell, Sól Mercury & Leknaat Ruby!

Thank you SO Much to ALL the Market Store Owners who rented a store and Showed Love to TAO!!


Thank you to ALL the Raffle Donators! Thank you for donating your time and Talent with us! YOU TOO have made a HUGE difference!!

Thank you to ALL the Maze Treasure Donators!! We truly are thankful for your GREAT prizes!!

Thank you To ALL the media and Bloggers that Showed Love to TAO!! THANK YOU for all the exposure and posts you have done for us! You TRULY have pushed TAO so much, advertising us with everything that you could, that we are SO Grateful for EVERYTHING!

Thank you to Toggle For Music!

Michaelj Rossini and his AWESOME Crew and Team. You have showed us SO much love we have no words!

Thank you to Droppin the Stream!

Trishia, Neo, Harlow Davi and everyone else that’s part of this team! We appreciate you ALL and thank you for all the exposure!

Thank you to the SL Enquirer!

Orion Baral and Lanai Jarrico Thank you guys for supporting us right from the beginning! We are Grateful!


The Amazing TAO Fans! YOU are all WHY Together As One is a success every time! YOU come to us, YOU Show love and Donate, YOU support us ALWAYS, YOU Show up at the Shows, shop at the stores, and enter the raffles. So… to YOU! CHEERS!! THANK YOU!! AND WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!

TOGETHER AS ONE we shall see you again in a couple of months for TAO Christmas 2021!

Not too far away, it’s only about 2 and half months! So Watch this space! And SOOO Much will be announced soon!

Nothing but LOVE

Winter Winters

P.S you all looked AMAZING!!!!

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