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Taila Saenz
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TAO was started by the SL and RL musician Winter.


He had supported other charities long before that and now wanted to continue doing this under his own direction.


The opening of TAO was in winter 2020. On this occasion, a collection was made for Feed a Smile. an organization that helps needy children in Africa.


The festival takes place four times a year, always on Easter-Summer - Halloween and Christmas. The current festival goes to the benefit of Feed A Smile, an organization that supports children in Kenya.


When I asked what motivations he had for founding TAO, he answered me very spontaneously. Winter: We stand together, unite and ALWAYS support children's charities. Because children are our future. Helping a child because they are unhappy, not because they did something wrong, but only because of a life situation, gives me the greatest sense of achievement.

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Click logo for more details of this amazing charity

Event Sponsors

VSIDE Radio Streams


Kiss Me Hard


Pangea Estates

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 I've had a passion for music for as long as I can remember, and in SL, I can share that passion with all of you. Vside-Radio Streams is My way of sharing Music with the world. Supporting Feed a Smile has been a HUGE part of my SL.


 its amazing
[: and it says all in one word
                                                           Panjana Bellisserian


Holly Giles

by Taila

Video by Kandy


The long-awaited start of a wonderful TAO weekend was triggered by Holly Giles, one of the people in charge of this terrific fundraiser. The beautiful Australian greeted everyone warmly and I think she was happy that after all the work and the longtime of preparation, it finally started. The festival area filled up very quickly and everyone was in a good mood, so that the right summer party feeling could be felt from all sides very quickly.

Holly delighted the guests with excellent songs such as Dance Monkey - Be my Baby - Cry to me - Under the Boardwalk. A small excerpt from their enormous repertoire, which has so many different styles of music and so there is something for every taste.

Holly's unique and wonderfully soulful voice is slightly roughened and not only I like that very much about her, but also the large number of fans she has won here in SL within a very short time and who follow her to every gig. On that day she has certainly gained a lot of new ones.

Wonderful Holly!

What a great start to a fantastic TAO weekend!

Putri Solo

by Taila

Video by Kandy


The next artist on this wonderful stage was none other than Putri! The well-known singer from Indonesia is not only visually impressive, her voice is uniquely strong and powerful.

The mix of genres she presented could hardly be more different. With Heal the world by Michael Jackson, she found the perfect introduction to her show for this fundraising campaign.

She switched without the slightest effort between Shakira - Iron Maiden - Celine Dion to Queen and gave the audience a wonderful idea of her changeable skills as a singer.

Thank you Putri!


BG Singer


by Taila

Video by Kandy


BG Singer brought us beautiful and soulful songs from Neil Diamond, Eagles, Chris DeBurgh.

On this evening, however, we couldn't miss a little blues, which he gave us with songs from the Doors and Poison.

This friendly guy from the East Coast USA has a wonderfully strong and deep voice and what I particularly liked was his joy and passion in singing that you could hear in every song.

Phil Setner

by Taila

Video by Kandy


In the meantime, the entire venue was full of wonderful people who came to support the good cause and to be able to experience this line-up of great musicians here live.

One of these musicians was Phil Setner. The singer from Edinburgh Scotland greeted us all with the fantastic song by George Ezra - Pretty Shining People and he managed to put even the last guest in the right summer party mood in no time.

Songs like All Night long, Dont Worry Be Happy, The Bare Necessities Song and Love My Life are just a small excerpt from his incredibly large list of songs.

With his wonderful soft and warm voice, with which he also presented smother songs to dream full of emotion, he not only convinced me, but also the audience, who he left behind with a wonderful feeling and with the desire to visit one of his next shows.

Somewhereintime   Jupiter


by Taila

Video by Kandy


The Singer with the beautiful name Somewhereintime heralded the halftime for this first day of the TAO Festival.

Somewhere caress our ears with smooth songs straight from his musical soul like:

Every breath you take – Georgia- I just called to say i love you – Dreamriver - Stand by me and Midnight Train.

Dreamlike songs with which he enchanted the audience and with his wonderful voice certainly gave one or the other goose bumps.

The combination of top songs, a terrific voice and the passion and feeling he puts into every song made his show a special experience.

Virgil   Flowers

by Ezzy

Video by Kandy


This morning I had the extreme pleasure of attending a Virgil Flowers show at Together as One while also supporting the worthy cause of Feed a Smile! Several things near my heart; music, giving, and a venue full of beautiful people crafted and cared for by more beautiful people, Winter and Holly Giles all at the same time. Whew!! Let's go!


Virgil starts with some thanks, welcomes, and talking about guitar technicals while plucking and making sweet sounds in the background while doing so. The show instantly captivates you with a tremendously soulful warm guitar sound blended exceptionally well with Virgil's voice. The flow from one song to the next is excellent! You can quickly hear that Virgil puts in a great deal of preparation before the show to ensure that the transition from one track to the next makes sense and is smooth and fast.


Virgil did a version of Cold Shot with this incredible blend of blues, rock, and a sort of surf style to it that only Virgil can do! Then Virgil's version of Eric Clapton's - Cocaine comes on, and the already insane crowd goes further into hysteria! The feeling during this block of songs brings you right in it and makes it feel like you are at the RL concert!


Virgil rattles off a list of blues artists and pays homage to all of their abilities and variance in style. Then he picks out Gary Moore and begins to play us Still Got The Blues which gave me a wave of chills down my spine followed by goosebumps. Simply, magic!! A constant throughout the show is the incendiary guitar playing. The man can play the guitar exceedingly well, and it's a treat to be able to hear every time I've had the pleasure of doing so.


After taking you on a blues ride, Virgil brings the dials up some and strikes into The Doors - Roadhouse Blues followed by Stevie Ray Vaughn's -Pride and Joy. Which being a major fan of both of the just mentioned sent me right into orbit! Therefore, signaling the need to put down the pen, take off the blogger hat, bust loose, and have even MORE fun! 

Keeba & The Tiny  Maniacs

by Taila

Video by Kandy


This was the very first time that I could see Keeba & The Tiny Maniacs on stage and I was very excited. After the soft tones of Somewhereintime, they brought the guests back into a lively party mood.

Just the sight, the hustle and bustle and giggling of the little friends, was great entertainment for me and when Keeba and the Tinys started their music, it was right for me.

Some songs on this wonderful festival evening were: Somebody to love - Raise your glass - We don’t need another hero - We built this city - Jailhouse Rock


But what they finally and irrevocably had me with was the song Uptown Funk. What a brilliant performance!

Keeba's voice is great and so smooth, I loved the songs with the big band sound which inevitably reminded me of shows in Vegas.

The Tinys have captured my heart with their cheeky, bustling manner, their wit and because they are simply CUTE and gave me and the audience so much fun and joy that I would like to thank them once again from the bottom of my heart.

Tinys i love you!

Wolfie Starfire

by Taila

Video by Kandy


On the stage of the TAO Festival this Friday evening we could also welcome Wolfie Starfire, who was streaming live from Austin Texas.

Wolfie has been a hip artist in SL for a long time and with her friendly nature and her sunny disposition, many hearts automatically fly towards her.


For the festival, she brought wonderful summer party songs for us to sing along and dance to. Walking on Sunsine - Somebody to love - I am here for the party -I'm yours - Hit me with you best shot - Sweet home Alabama, were some of their titles that kept me and all guests in a great mood for a party and, above all, in the right mood for donations.

Wolfies has an incredibly beautiful and strong voice, she manages to master the highest notes safely and it is a great pleasure to listen to her. Her enthusiasm with which she presents her music to us and her cheerful, relaxed manner are a very pleasant and impressive mixture that makes Wolfie so special.


We had a wonderful time, thank you very much for that!

Aaron Cabott

by Aqua

Video by Kandy


Aaron Exploded into his set with an All time classic 'Born to be Wild' instantly grabbing our attention . From There he had his audience rocking with 'Thunderstruck' and flashing lightning bolts .


I love this ,love Singing in local along with everybody else. And literally bouncing in my seat. He launched into 'Born to Be Wild', and 'Layla' and 'Somebody to Love', fantastic song choices .


This was heaven to me , I love Rock and Aaron had us all Rockin! The Words Gritty, Ballsy and Bluesy have been used to describe Aaron and I couldn't agree more , he is a spiritual man ,with a huge , huge passion for music which shows in his sets and his connection with his audience .


Aaron Cabott Jones , look for him on the grid He is Amazing:)

Billy Talon

by Taila

Video by Kandy


Last but not least on the TAO stage last Friday, none other than Billy Talon came to us. Billy is one of the most popular country musicians in SL, his fan base is enormous and many have followed their Billy to the festival. The area was filled almost to the last seat with good-humored fans and guests and everyone had a lot of fun.

Billy sang the following songs, among others: Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy Breaky HeartLonely For You Only - MidlandTennessee Whiskey - Chris StapletonTrace Adkins Honkytonk badakedonkDwight Yoakam - Little Sister

I haven't had much to do with country music myself, but I really liked what I heard that evening. With his songs and especially with his wonderful, dark and warm voice and the soulful way with which he sang, he touched me and he conjured up a nice relaxed feel-good mood.

A very nice experience that I would very much like to repeat.


Silverlight Gypsyheart

by Michael

Video by Kandy

Silverlight Gypsyheart opened the Saturday event and what a terrific opening set she gave us!  


Right from the off she captured the mood and lifted it with the Beverley Hillbillies theme and Marillion's Kayleigh.  A fun version of Dolly's Joleen followed and lots of others including a terrific version of Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me - complete with growl !!  


Silverlight is the owner of the wonderful Spirit Of The Outback venue and today she put all her experience into a perfect start to what was to be a truly sensational day.

Ugly Bill

by Michael

Video by Kandy

Bill is a performer I have admired for some time now..  I love his languid laid back Glaswegian style as he treats us to a polished and thoughful set every time he steps up.  


This time Bill gave us terrific versions of Wonderwall, Cowboy Blues and many more.  In between numbers, Bill kept the fundraising theme going by promising to remove clothing on reaching a certain target.  


One Day Like This   Over My Shoulder  Lady Eleanor and many others followed - and then the question - would Bill strip as promised ?  


YES HE DID !!  What an awesome gesture for a wonderful charity - and soo in the spirit of this wonderful event!



by Michael

Video by Kandy

SoSo is a singer I had never heard before so as she too to the stage I was totally open minded, but after a few minutes, as she launched into ZZ Top's Gimme Some Lovin I was totally won over.


SoSo gave us a very accomplished and professional set which I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.

Paul Nowles

Video by Kandy

Stinna Skylight

by Ezzy

Video by Kandy

Stinna has an accent that makes me smile even when she is just speaking casually! Then she begins to sing, and my jaw hits the floor! She has some exceptional range that allows highs and lows of impressive degrees to be reached.

If there could only be one word to sum up Stinna's performance, it would be "beautiful" from beginning to end the raw emotion she brings has you mesmerized and in awe!

The show takes a turn toward the hard side near the end of the show with some distorted guitars and Stinna's brilliant voice over the top. The high notes and vibrato she can perform are seriously impressive, and I recall saying. Wow! Wow! This is good!

Lyric Serendipity

by Ezzy

Video by Kandy

Oh my!! Lyric comes out with the fire and this reverb tone that is so full sounding and fitting for her style. She put on a show that involved her dance team, which was highly engaging and had the crowd donating like crazy from start to finish!

She did a version of The Black Keys - Howling for You that knocked my socks off. Then Lyric took us on a tour of the '90s that makes you smile and keeps the smile there the whole time. I had such fun during this set that my face and tummy will undoubtedly hurt tomorrow from smiling and laughing.

Bert Hoorenbeek

by Ezzy

Video by Kandy

Bart comes on with a version of Joe Bonamassa's Slo Gin that is captivating and instantly calls attention to his fantastic guitar playing ability and his soulful voice is in just the right tone and has just the right amount of grit to it.

His sounds make it feel like a REAL blues concert! The warm guitar tones and the way Bart strums the guitar bring a wave of emotion to an already vibrant crowd. Bart did a version of Pink Floyd's - Money, and my fandom heart started going pitter-patter!

He did this slid guitar thing that was crazy, crazy good!! I'm telling you, this man can play; the tone, the picking, everything about it is just fantastic!

Toxic Darkmatter

by Aqua

Video by Kandy


Oh Toxie Toxie Toxie!

 Toxie Darkmatter  opened her set with another of my fav songs 'Three Little Birds'. Toxie has the most delicious husky voice and fab giggle., we were given 'Me and Bobby Mcgee',  and  ' Black ' by Pearl Jam . I hadn't heard this before , so being endlessly curious , I dug into the background of the song and singer.  The story behind the song istouching.If you get a chance check the song and background. Being a Brit , there are a lot of American artists I'm not up with.

Then we had the super sexy 'Black Velvet ' which I Always , always sing along with and John Lennon's 'Imagine'  and 'Bad Things' which had the audience bouncing.  Toxie digs deep into herself and sings  from her soul to sing such tunes as 'Fade into You'

Toxie engages with everybody , following chat and taking requests and we LOVED it! For this event ,Together As One' , she was giving away  30 minute shows randomly and full shows in aid of the Feed A Smile.

 All too soon her show was over , time flew so fast.

Aley  Kat

by Aqua

Video by Kandy


AleyKat kicked off her show with a party singing 'Celebration' . Aley has an amazing clear voice , able to sing anything from Musicals to Pop /rock and well just about anything. ..


She just grabs you and has her audience wanting to sing and dance  along. Aley Gave us the DooWop song  and of course , we were all DooWopping in local.


Then the 'Happy' song and 'Love Again' . The beach was pulsating , coming alive with people having a blast. Than came 'Lets Get Loud' and one I love , love to sing along with, 'Uptown Funk'.  


The set came to an end all too soon , Aley has the most delightful laugh , full of fun and energy , an amazing entertainer with a truly fabulous voice.

Wolfie Moonshadow

by Breezie

Video by Kandy

Snapshot_003 (1).png

From the moment Wolfie Moonshadow stepped onto the stage you could tell from the crowd's reaction that this was going to be a concert to remember. With a song list that is as extensive as it is varied this man has a voice and knows how to use it.


Starting out with John Newman's Love Me Again , Billy Ocean's Caribbean Queen and Harry Styles' Watermelon Sugar he had the crowd grooving along right from the get go.


As the show progressed it was getting harder to find an empty patch of sand to call your own to dance on. His passion for singing and having fun was infectious and the sea of bodies below him moved like waves on the beach to his strong vocals and great variety of songs.


Just to show how versatile this man's voice is , he sang Tom Jones' Kiss , Bob Marley Is This Love , then Queen's Fat Bottomed Girls . Now these are songs that are widely popular and loved by many from all generations and all as different as night and day. To say I was pleasantly surprised how his voice suited these songs and the many others he sang is an understatement.


I believe he could sing any song thrown at him and as his time drew to a close I found myself along with many others (from their calling out for more) wanting it to go on for another hour.


Jack Dryden

by Taila

Video by Kandy


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big Jack Dryden fan and I am very happy to see him on stage at this Charity event.

At the TAO Festival he presented country and pop songs to the visitors, which he performs in his own personal way.

From All my Rowdy friends and Me and Bobby Mcgee to Imagine and Sunday Morning Coming Down to the night we met and Flowers in you hair were just a few of the magical songs that day.

He always manages to inspire his audience with his velvety, warm voice and his unbelievable sensitivity for every single song and leave them with a very pleasant feeling.


by Taila

Video by Kandy


The Australian singer Jpeabody,brought a lot of feeling and his wonderful voice, which is unique and reaches enormous heights, this combination really impressed me.

Tequila Sunrise, Hold me now, Blinded by the light, Rhythm is gonna get you, Rockin all over the world, were some of his songs that day, which included many different musical styles and with which he delighted the audience.

Holly Giles

Video by Kandy

Unfortunately the recent flooding around her home in the Netherlands prevented Thera D from appearing at the event, so up stepped Holly Giles to perform her 2nd set.  Bravo Holly !!!!

Kendall Jigsaw

by Taila

Video by Kandy


Kendall is a singing guitarist who brings rock, blues and metal to the stage at TAO Festival. His incredible talent as a guitarist paired with his great humor, his easy-going, personable nature, always makes his performances a very entertaining event, which has already brought him a lot of fans and friends in SL.

His playing on the electric guitar gets under your skin and once again he proves his grandiose perfection on this instrument. For me he is one of the best guitarists in SL that I have had the pleasure of hearing so far and you can feel in every title how much he lives the music, wonderful!

The songs he chose for the day were among others Gravity (I'm an avowed John Mayer fan and his version just blew me away, fantastic!) Super Natural Woman, songs by ZZ Top and Still have the Blues for you, followed and rounded off the program, which unfortunately was over too quickly.


Great Set Kendall!

VE Joyy

by Taila

Video by Kandy

Ve Joyy3.jpg
Ve Joyy4.jpg
Ve Joyy1.jpg
Ve Joyy2.jpg

Ve Joyy is a singer from the Philippines and I had the pleasure of seeing her on stage for the first time.She brought us a wonderful party atmosphere, with her good mood and her party songs, on that day.Her repertoire included Pink - Mariah Carey - Shania Twain - Whitney Houston - Abba - Michael Jackson and Billie Eilish. All great party songs that encouraged you to dance and sing along.

Ve Joyy has an extreme vocal power and she mastered the songs of Mariah and Whitney in a wonderful way and with ease. She left the visitors and me very impressed and exuberant. A great performance!

Katia Portugal

by Taila

Video by Kandy


Most of the people in SL's music scene are familiar with the name Katia. She is a much booked artist on the stages around the grid and another specialty is that she very often streams in RL via YT at the same time, which gives a wonderful insight "behind the scenes".


On the stage of the TAO Festival she showed the audience her usual energetic personality in her favorite genre, rock music, in which she can use her powerful and rough voice perfectly.


On that day they showed classics by Michael Jackson, Rod Steward, Bruce Springsteen, Corey Hart, The Black Eyed Peas, Bon Jovi and AC / DC.


The wonderful Katia always involves the audience in her shows, through her humor and open manner she quickly builds a relationship with the audience. On this day she showed again how much fun she has with what she does ... Rock Music in a terrific way.

Satin Galli

by Taila

Video by Kandy


The next artist on stage that beautiful day was Satin Galli from Brooklyn, New York.

I've never had the pleasure of being able to experience him before and was blown away by his dreamlike, strong but also soulful, gentle voice.

With his songs by Steppenwolf, Bon Jovi, Radiohead and Elton John, he brought a perfect mix for the audience.

He not only convinced with his great vocal talent, but also underlined this with the enormous feeling that he brought into each of the songs.

It was a terrific concert, which made me want to visit one of his next shows.

John Rocky

by Taila

Video by Kandy


No new face but with a new name is John Rocky, formerly Erik Kottzen, on the TAO stage.

John brings us his beloved rock music as usual, but his music has become calmer, more sensitive and more thoughtful, which suits him very well! These softer tones that he let us hear and enjoy and the new John probably not only pleased me very much, but also the many fans and the audience, who brought a great atmosphere with 76 visitors.

He performed songs like Behind blue eyes, Creep, Rollin on the River, Wanted dead or alive, Tears of a Dragon and Hotel California with a lot of feeling and that really impressed me.

Towards the end of the show Maximilliion Kleene came on stage and the two sang together, which for me was sensationally good and very emotional. A great duo, which harmonized perfectly and which I hope to see again soon.

Thank you John for this new and wonderful experience.

Max Kleene

by Breezie

Video by Kandy


To say Max's concert at TAO was amazing is an understatement . For starters he was joined by Erik Kottzen and they did a dual stream of Come Together (Beatles) ,Losing My Religion (REM) ,

Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd) and Don't Wanna Fall In Love (Chris Issacs).

The way these two gents bounced off each other with harmonies and guitars ,you would think they had been playing together for ages.


After Erik left the stage Max brought up a friend , violinist Fly Kugin and started off with All I Want by Kodaline .Max's smooth voice and Fly's haunting violin will be in my head for days to come.


He finished off his set with a beautiful rendition of John Lennon's Imagine with Fly adding the perfect touch with a violin solo . The crowd was mesmerised ,(well I know I was ) and the set went far too quickly .


If you missed his set and ever get the chance to see him play with Fly do so , I promise you won't regret it .


by Taila

Video by Kandy


Last but not least, Winter, the initiator of this Charity event, comes to the TAO stage to end this grandiose festival properly.

Winter thanked everyone from the bottom of his heart. He was very touched by the huge success of the weekend and by the many donation-happy visitors who, together with the musicians and sponsors, were able to collect an unprecedented amount of donations for Feed a Smile.

With this emotion he gave us another hour full of wonderful rock songs, which, as usual, he sang from his soul with his beloved voice, energy and purity, and crowned it all with the unique play and sound of his guitar.

Some of these songs were: Toss a coin to your witcher -You give love a bad name - I have a right - Dream on - When the children cry - For ever and one - Smoke on the water and Show must go on.

It was an indescribable show that he presented to us, sensational songs and pure emotions! With thunderous applause and surely one or two tears of joy, he ended this successful weekend.

The next TAO Festival will take place in October and nobody should miss it, I'm really looking forward to it!

Winter's words

WOW What AN AMAZING event!!

I'm left Speechless from all the love felt around the TOGETHER AS ONE (TAO) Summer 2021 Festival Supporting Feed a Smile!

THANK YOU TO ALL THE AMAZING PEOPLE who showed their support to TAO! You Have left us Humbled, Honored and Proud!

There is SO much I want to say, but don't know how to express my gratitude towards you... so let me start by saying THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!


Firstly, Thank you to our AMAZING TAO TEAM! You guys have worked your butts off to make this Happen! BEST people to have alongside me and I could NOT do this without you!

Holly Giles Bibi Woodford Kissi Tulips


Thank you to FEED A SMILE for bringing this organization to SL so we can actually do SOMETHING for the children! We are Grateful towards you!

Brique Zeiner Sunray Moonites


Thank you to our AMAZING Sponsors! You guys pushed the envelope and set a new standard to the TAO Events! We Greatly appreciate you ALL for your participation, organization and Donations to the cause! Your AWESOME Pre and After Parties and Love you have shown to us and Feed A Smile!

Our MAIN sponsors:

Pangea Estates

Vside Radio Streams Scots Paul Mandy Lavarock

Kiss Me Hard Venue Claudia Embacher Katharina Konrad

Our Sponsors of the Day!

SKYY Games Marina Sharpshire

Xanadu Beach Club Safary Nevaka

Denim & Diamonds Levi Sawyer Bella Quinn

SHEWORTHY Pub Annie Chun Hitomi Tamatzui


Thank you to our Market Shop Owners for putting their own stamp on the TAO Events and starting a New Trend for TAO!

Sheyla Vemo & TRISKELION Shyvon Monella

Little Big Designs Olde Eldemar

RUE Lakey Bravin

Dragon Eye Tavern TheDarkHand

Hinty Woller Holly Giles

Welcome Home Designs

EED Exquisite Eye Decorations Bibi Woodford

Artemis Corner Sculptures Artemis Grece

Furry Tales Photography Rissy Feiri

The Reckless Angel & Cotton Blossom Artwork

ARI-PARI Ariana Petrova

CB Fashion Christine Barrett

SK Solace Keep LLC Safary Nevaka


I want to thank ALL our amazing Raffle Donators for their time, effort, talent and Generosity!

Artemis Corner Sculptures Artemis Grece

Jim's Kustom Bikes

Vside Radio Streams Scots Paul Mandy Lavarock

Pangea Estates

Welcome Home Designs

Little Big Designs Olde Eldemar

Boutique by Kennedy Fairlane Kennedy Fairlane

Teegle Pets

Unique Obsessions

Spitfire Customs Kathleen Brodie

BBB Shapes Dannon Rain

Hinty Woller Holly Giles

Southern Roots Adam Lavell

Something New Allyson Dwyer Applewhyte

Kaerann's Studio Cathy Kærann

Denim & Diamonds Photography Levi Sawyer

CB Fashion Christine Barrett

Dragon Eye Tavern TheDarkHand


We want to thank you ALL for your Donations with the Gachas! Another new Concept for us that we have introduced to TAO!! Truly Grateful!


Thank you to TheDarkHand for creating our Custom TAO Gacha Machines

Thank you to Cathy Kærann for Creating the TAO SUMMER 2021 FESTIVAL Promo Video!


Thank you to our Media friends who Helped us with all the AMAZING promotion they did to get this out, their Love and Support towards our Event! we are truly thankful towards you!

TOGGLE FOR MUSIC Michaelj Rossini and rest of the AWESOME team!

The SL Enquirer Orion Baral

Drop the Stream Trisha Oconnell


THANK YOU to All the INCREDIBLE Performers of TAO that donated their Talent, Love, Time AND Money for this truly Beautiful Cause! We are Truly grateful towards ALL of you! THANK YOU

Holly Giles, Putri Solo Thala Verani, BG Singer, Phil Setner, Somewhereintime, Virgil Flowers, Keeba and the Tiny Maniacs, Wolfie Starfire, Aaron Cabott Jones, Billy Talon, Silver Light, Ugly Bill, Soso Sorbet, Paul Miller, Stinna Sky, Lyric Serendipity, Bart Hoorenbeek, Kristin Craig, Aley Kat, Kenny De La Rosa, Jack Dryden, Jay Peabody, Kendall Jigsaww, Ve Joyy, Katia-Kaja Portugal, Satin Galli, Erik Kottzen, Max Kleene, Winter Winters, Makayla Dawson, Ricky, Caden, Vanellope Von Schwitz Holmes, Michelle Bilasimo Essence, Ruvi Gatchie, Vampink Cuddihy, Laz Dresler, Kurt Calamity, WytchWhisper, Melenda Baptiste, Maribol Inshan


THANK YOU to our Toastie Hosties with the Mosty!! Who Pushed and pushed , and hurt their fingers typing so much in Local chat! We truly cannot do this without you!

Whisp Ampan Diaz Jaxx Tally Nirvana Christine Barrett Lakey Bravin Luna Moonbeam Cassandra Nitely Kissi Tulips Leknaat Ruby


FINALLY, Last but CERTAINLY not least! THANK YOU to all the AMAZING People, Fans and EVERYONE who came to TAO to support ! Thank you for your time, Your donations and Support! WE ALL did this TOGETHER!! TOGETHER AS ONE!


Yo Adrian, Brique Zeiner WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TOGETHER AS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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