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-Varda is a real life singer who has sung with multiple bands and is currently working with two atm in New York.  She takes her art seriously.-

****She sings on SL for fun and practice, but always delivers a professional show. ****

~Varda has experience in studio, virtual and live band  She is currently with Fair Warning Ministries TMB Christian rock band gearing up for their 2023 tour across the US.  She is also with a newly forming band out on NY. ~

She has worked with various artist over the years such as Calvin Owens from Houston Texas owner of Sawdust Alley Records to which she was signed in 2007, Guitar Shorty, blues legend who helped Jimmy Hendrix learn to play guitar, and now Todd Moyer who has worked with a number of Christian Rock Artists and Bands since its formation.


Some of the Popular Christian Rock Artists we have worked with are John W. Schlitt, Rex Carrol from WhitCross, Guardian, Stryper, The TT Band and Indian Angel among others.  Varda sings mostly Variety style songs on SL and a few originals which she has permission to sing from the artist she worked with directly.~

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Vital Info:

Concert times:  7 Days a Week 7AM to 5PM slt

Timezone:  Americas ​

Fee:  On Application

Will do, on occasion, charity functions depending on availability in real life

Second Life Contact:  Amber LeFavre (amber.lefavre)

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